Sheila stands alone as BJP top brass spearhead attack

Sheila stands alone as BJP top brass spearhead attack

Parties,candidates go all out before campaigning ends today.

Seeking a fourth consecutive term as chief minister,Sheila Dikshit led a lonely campaign over the weekend while the BJP top brass turned out in strength to drum up support for her challenger Harsh Vardhan.

With campaigning in Delhi ending on Monday,candidates and parties set a scorching pace,setting out on whirlwind tours of constituencies,reaching out to voters on a Sunday.

With top Congress leaders staying away,Dikshit campaigned on her own,helped by local party leaders and family members.

The first half of the day saw her concentrating on her New Delhi constituency,hoping to keep her grip intact and beat back anti-incumbency,lack of visible support from her own leadership and the challenge from Arvind Kejriwal and his untested Aam Aadmi Party.


Addressing as many as seven rallies in six constituencies,Dikshit reminded voters how her 15-year rule had changed the face of Delhi. “If voted to power,we will continue to make our dreams for Delhi a reality,” she said.

She cut a lonely figure with bystanders questioning why her party had “abandoned” her.

The BJP,on the other hand,campaigned aggressively. Party veteran L K Advani said he didn’t think there was any room for the AAP. “There was a time when only one party got all the votes,but we gave the people an option and created a bi-polar political system. I don’t think there is scope for a third party now,” he told reporters.

And Narendra Modi continued from where he never stopped Saturday. “You can name a housing scheme after your mother-in-law but can anyone tell me whether he or she has got the flat,” he asked a crowd.

“You are very simple people,easily swayed by the false promises of the Congress. In the 2012 election,Congress promised houses for voters in my state. They even went to the extent of showing them a design. But voters in Gujarat are smart. They asked them about the land and contractor. And here I am,their choice,” he said.

At the Ambedkar Nagar grounds,it was full house on Sunday for Modi. Even policemen on duty there were quick to point out that this was the same ground where Dikshit had to urge people to stay back for Rahul Gandhi’s rally.

Arun Jaitley also addressed two public meetings in East Delhi. On Monday,before campaigning ends,Sushma Swaraj,Nitin Gadkari and Navjyot Singh Sidhu are scheduled to address more public meetings.

Sunday also saw the last day of Kejriwal’s Jhadoo Chalao Yatra. “We have been given one chance to change politics in this city. Don’t waste it. If this chance slips away,our children will have to bear the same corruption for years. We will only have ourselves to blame,” he said.