Science of the Matter

National Science Museum is the place we associate with school.

Written by Katyayini Singh | Published: April 23, 2013 3:38:10 am

National Science Museum is the place we associate with school. So how can a visit to a childhood place not be fun? Organised by the India Habitat Centre on Sunday,“Fun with Science & History Of Indian Science” had SD Saxena,former lecturer of Physics (University of Rajasthan) and a science writer,led an enthused group across demographics,from retired professionals to school students.

One hated science while growing up but a visit to the Museum was all that was needed to remember why this place is most loved by children. Most of us might have learned by rote that energy gets transferred from one form to another. But to see it in action was amazing. A “Hot Wheels-like” giant pathway had heavy marble balls instead of miniature cars that caused a bell to gong at regular intervals. Our eyes were as huge as Gurneev’s,the youngest member of our group.

We found out that the 13th Zodiac is called Ophiuchus and that it’s not just our sharp brains but the location of our thumb and its grip that ensured that we “evolve” into intelligent species. We even saw each other’s heads on a platter and a room that was voice-sensitive,in that,it could take commands and carry out instructions such as “TV on” or “Fans off”. From Harappan science and prehistoric life,to information revolution,every moment of the walk was informative and interesting.

“To enjoy science,one needs the curiosity and imagination of a 10 year old,” said Saxena during the walk. After the walk,we had to agree with him.

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