Schools must guarantee boys don’t turn rapists, says Sisodia

Schools must guarantee boys don’t turn rapists, says Sisodia

As a small beginning, Sisodia set a target for Delhi until the next international women’s day.

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Women from all walks of life gathered at Jantar Mantar to celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday. (Source: Express photo by Ravi Kanojia)

Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday said that crimes against women will have to be prevented by tackling them at their roots that are connected to school education.

“Our schools will have to guarantee that when they accept a four-year-old child and when he gets out of school at 16 or 17, he will not turn into a rapist. We will guarantee that he will respect women and commit no crime against them. It may seem impossible today but we will have to build an education system like that,” Sisodia said.

“As education minister, I am ready to face the challenge of creating a system in which schools can guarantee that their pupil will not grow up to be a rapist.”

Sisodia said that he imagines a day when in case of a crimes against women, the chief minister also questions the education minister and director about what measures they will take to make sure that children coming out of schools do not commit such crimes.


“What are we imparting education for? If we cannot guarantee this, we might as well send the child to a jungle. He can learn violence and expletives in the jungles too. If we are sending him to a school we have to send him with a guarantee and he has to be accepted with the guarantee that the rapist in him will not be allowed to live.”

After releasing the annual report of the Delhi Commission for Women for the year 2013-14, Sisodia said that the next annual report must also mention the number of things that were corrected in school syllabi and idioms.

Bravery and courage and described as manly,” said Sisodia. “And then we have seminars about why our society is patriarchal? It is our language that is patriarchal. We need to change these things. We have to bring changes at the root. We have to think out of the box,” he added.

Addressing the persistent problem of women’s security in Delhi, Sisodia said that his government, along with training MLAs and senior government officials, will form Quick Response Teams (QRT) that will take immediate action if a crime is reported by a women.

“In every district, with the help of civil defence, police and home guards, we will form maximum number of Quick Response Teams that will include at least one magistrate. We will also start night shifts for our district magistrates and they will patrol their district with the QRTs. In case of a complaint from a woman, they will immediately reach her and initiate magisterial action on the spot,” Sisodia announced.
He also said that various safety Apps and helplines started by the government or NGOs will have to be integrated.

As a small beginning, Sisodia set a target for Delhi until the next international women’s day. “Men often occupy seats reserved for women in buses or Metros. They don’t vacate the seats even if a woman is standing. For a year, let us resolve that no woman will stand while a man is seated. I want a commitment until March 7, 2016. We have to incorporate this in our habits not in our laws.”