Remember gangrape,water cannons & onion prices when you vote: Modi

Taking a dig at CM Sheila Dikshit,who is also the head of the Delhi Jal Board,Modi said,“I too have come from Dwarka.

Written by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: November 24, 2013 12:58:02 am

With a view to not let people forget the major events that shook the capital in the past two years,the BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi invoked the memories of December 16 gangrape case and the way the police faced protesters at Rajpath with water cannons and lathis.

Appealing to voters on behalf of his party’s candidates,Modi exhorted the gathering at DDA grounds in Dwarka to bear in mind the ‘rape capital’ tag the city has earned in recent times,the prices of LPG cylinders and onions,and the atrocities by the government on protesting students when they go to vote on December 4.

“When you go to cast your vote on December 4,remember Nirbhaya,Gudiya,water cannons,Ramdev and the woman who died because after being assaulted. Congress leaders tell you that you can have a meal for Rs 12 and Rs 5. But as you cannot afford onions anymore,buy one when go to vote. Remember Azad Maidan where government tried to uproot statutes of martyrs and remember the Indian soldiers who were beheaded. Remember all this and then vote,” Modi said.

“For every country,its capital is its pride. Even the poorest of countries project its capital in the best light. But today,India’s small towns are better than its capital,” he said.

Taking a dig at CM Sheila Dikshit,who is also the head of the Delhi Jal Board,Modi said,“I too have come from Dwarka. But unlike this place,it is not ‘tankerwali’ Dwarka. You have been blessed with Yamuna and yet residents are without water. Tanker water is a source for more corruption,” Modi said.

“Sheilaji aap 15 saal mein pani nahi de payi. Your government spent Rs 3,400 crore in cleaning Yamuna and we in Gujarat with a budget of Rs 900 crore built the Sabarmati river front. Yet you talk of your ‘model’,” Modi said.

Targeting BRTs,he claimed that it is he who sent the BRT proposal to PM and Delhi copied it in a hurry. “Congress was afraid that Modi credit le jaeyga,Gujarat model xerox kar ke Dilli me laga diya. Result: it failed. Come to Ahmedabad where the UN is awarding us for our BRTs. I am not from the elite class and,therefore,this Delhi elite class do not accept Modi,who is from a poor family. Yet,I have been able to do what these third generation elites could not,” Modi said while evoking sentiments that Congress is anti-poor.

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