Puneet loves speed but he cannot perform bike stunts: Karan’s friends

They didn’t hug that night; there was no handshake or the usual “kal milte hain (we’ll meet tomorrow)”.

Written by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published: July 31, 2013 12:55:03 am

They didn’t hug that night; there was no handshake or the usual “kal milte hain (we’ll meet tomorrow)”.

The five friends had gone out for a drive to PVR multiplex in Saket on Sunday morning,when Karan told Ashu that he was thinking of going out with Puneet. His friend Ashu told him that Puneet loved speed.

Karan lied to Ashu,as he said he would not go out with Puneet. It turned out to be a lie that that cost Karan his life. The 19-year-old man was killed in police firing an hour later.

“I wonder why he lied. He didn’t go the gym that day; a routine he never missed. I can’t believe this happened,” an inconsolable Ashu said. He knew Karan for the past seven years.

Everyday,Vivek,Sameer,Karan,Ashu and Akansh,all of whom live in Khirki Extension,would get out for a drive around

8 pm. Before that,Karan would return from tuition and work out at the gym till 7 pm. They would return and Karan,the more jovial of the lot,would hug all of them and run upstairs to his house.

On July 28,too the routine was the same. Except Karan didn’t hit the gym and nor did he hug his friends before going home. “He was in a hurry. We assumed it was because his mother had called. I said kal milte hai. He said something,his voice fading as he ran upstairs. I didn’t think that was the last time I would be meeting him,” Vivek said.

While Karan’s friends maintained that Puneet too is a friend and that they met often,they knew that Puneet loved riding fast.

“He got a thrill out of riding fast. But he could not perform any stunts. The police cannot simply blame him since he wasn’t performing a stunt. I know that because he’s a friend. Karan liked hanging out with Puneet because he loved bikes.”

Karan’s mother Manju sat beside his body,stroking his forehead. “Wake up Karan. Who will I cook for? You were the only reason I lived. Who will take care of me now?”

Before the pyre was lit,Ashu ran towards it and hugged Karan’s body. “He didn’t hug me that day. This will be the last time I will ever touch him,” he said as the pyre was lit.

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