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‘Police rained lathis, broke laptops, cellphones’

Students of GSV Medical College, Kanpur recount ‘atrocities’ by police on Feb 28

Medical students said it was a minor collision, allegedly between the car of SP MLA Irfan Solanki and a motorbike at a petrol pump outside the GSV Medical College, Kanpur, Friday evening. As the door of the car opened, the bike adjacent to it hit it, only slightly, they added.

Solanki, however, claimed he had intervened when some students were misbehaving with an elderly person.

However, the brawl, between the medical students and Solanki’s gunners, that followed has crippled medical services for the past three days across UP.

The grouse of the medicos is that the police resorted to lathicharge inside the hostels, even when the dispute outside the college gate was resolved . “After the brawl ended, the university administration tried to pacify the students and bring them inside the campus. Even before we could all leave for our respective hostels, a police force, led by SSP Yashashvi Yadav, entered the campus. They started firing in the air while we tried to flee to save ourselves,” said Dr Rahul Singh, an MBBS intern and a resident of Boys’ Hostel Three.


“The electricity lines of the campus were disconnected and the police fired several rounds in the air outside the hostels,” said Shubham Mishra, an MBBS final year student and resident of Boys’ Hostel Four.

The two hostels which were allegedly raided by the police, Boys Hostel Three and Four, are opposite each other.

The police started breaking everything they could lay their hands on, from laptops and mobiles in the hostel rooms to coolers and motor bikes, alleged Rahul.

Some students jumped from the first floor and others locked themselves in their rooms. “I used the bed to prevent them from breaking into my room,” said Shubham.
Many others, including students from Boys Hostels One and Two that were not raided, escaped to the fields adjacent to the campus.

Those who could not escape were caned, alleged Shubham and Rahul. “The police also pulled out students from their rooms and rained lathis on them.  Students were lined up in the gallery, made to squat or lie down on the ground, before being caned,” alleged Shubham.

A former student of the college, Dr Sachin Singh, who was staying in Boys Hostel Three, sustained a fracture during the ruckus. “The police was chasing him when he fell from the second floor of the hostel and fractured his  pelvic area,” said Vaibhav Saxena, a fourth year MBBS student, who was present in Boys Hostel Three during the raid that lasted more than half an hour.

The police took away several students with them after the raid.  An hour later, however, another police team reportedly reached the campus. “They asked us to come out and talk. The hostels were evacuated. Then suddenly, the SP (West), who was leading the team, said there were weapons in the hostels and arrested six more students,” alleged Vaibhav.

The medicos are now sharing the alleged police atrocities on social network. “We have a Facebook page called Medicos Against Injustice  where we are trying to get in touch with students of various medical colleges to gather support. We have uploaded videos on You Tube as well,” said Anupam Singh Yadav, an MBBS third year student.

“Two of our representatives have gone to meet the President; we have also written to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, organisations like the Human Rights Commission, WHO and Red Cross.”