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These rolls with meats and greens, and sauces and spreads, are stuffed as a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Pita bread is proliferating the Capital’s supermarkets, like garlic bread did a few years ago. With the launch of Canadian-origin Pita Pit in the country, its first store recently opened in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, the volume of pita passion looks to go up.

In Select Citywalk, Saket, its other outlet, the restaurant’s dining format is similar to Subway, in reverse. You first pick your particular pita and pay for it, then watch it come together assembly-line style, tweaking the toppings as per your taste before it’s finally toasted and served. The menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian pita sandwiches (available in nine-inch “original” and six-inch “petita” sizes) and salads, with a couple of cookies and cakes thrown in for dessert. This is more a makeshift menu, the full version of which will be available at the brand’s flagship restaurant, expected to open in Greater Kailash next month. Seating is limited, but that isn’t a deterrent.

We decide to go with the Chicken Caesar and Falafel Petitas and line up like obedient children. After picking the former between white and whole wheat pita breads, we watch as it’s torn slightly open and slathered with the base spread (hummus, babaganoush or tsaziki) before being inundated with enough vegetables to respectfully represent a farm. From romaine and iceberg lettuce to hot peppers to mint leaves to mushrooms to sprouts, and the entire salad spectrum in between, the diced veggies are tossed into the pita with careless generosity, after which the main ingredients are added: smoked chicken and bacon for the Chicken Caesar; and falafel for the well, Falafel; the penultimate stage is the sauces (pick between salsa, BBQ, mayos and mustards, sweet chilli vinaigrette, among others), the final step is the choosing of the cheese, with a choice of feta, parmesan and cheddar, all ground for the grater good; after a last dusting of oregano and chilli flakes, the pita is ready to be toasted and dispensed.

Since you’re basically in charge of putting your entire pita together, and unless you have a very disturbing relationship with your palate, it’s kind of hard to fault the rolls . For the rest, the veggie wedges are fresh, the spreads and sauces well-made and the portion sizes generous, the pita is stuffed like a turkey on a Thanksgiving Day-table.

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The one crumpled leaf in the rose-bush is the pita bread itself — light as a ballerina’s ankles and just as fragile, it tends to disintegrate mid-meal thanks to the muchness in fillings. Not that we mind licking our fingers clean, but the lady next-table looked at us askance. We’d recommend a slightly firmer bread for our new pita place.

First published on: 21-03-2014 at 02:18:42 am
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