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Orissa Chronicles

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When I am Kalam released in 2010,its director Nila Madhab Panda got the tag of an intelligent filmmaker,the one to watch out for. With a load of high expectations riding high on him,he delivered an average movie,Jalpari,last year. But 2013 will see a difference. He just finished work on his mammoth-sized project,Love is not Mathematics,and has already begun work on two more films. “I am working on a commercial project on water scarcity. It’s a satire based on Orissa. Deepak Venkateshan (writer for Jalpari) is writing the script and I’m finalising the cast,” says Panda. He will begin shooting the movie in September this year. For Panda,it’s slightly autobiographical since he spent his childhood in Kalhan,one of the worst drought-hit areas in Orissa. “I have been thinking about the story for two years now. It will be shot in Orissa,Haryana and Tamil Nadu. The film is about what life is without water,what happens when water is more valuable than currency,” he says. Next week,Panda will reveal the cast of the film,which he promises will comprise some big Bollywood names. Apart from his commercial ventures,Panda is also working on a documentary called Pallavi,for which shooting begins early next year. The film is on Odissi and explores how classical dance and music forms have taken a backseat in the country. “It will be a story about three generations and what happens to gharanas over time. It will be shot in Paris,Moscow and Orissa,” says Panda.