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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One killed,two in net: Delhi’s most wanted down to seven

A man who has been on the run since 1987,another who sends letters to gang members and one who uses social networking sites to track victims — Delhi Police list of 10 most wanted features men who have outwitted the law enforcers’ traditional tracking methods. But the police are working round-the-clock to trace the 10,in fact,just weeks after a fresh list was prepared,two of the 10 were arrested and one shot dead. ANANYA BHARDWAJ looks at these men and their modus operandi

Written by Ananya Bhardwaj | Published: June 17, 2013 1:12:00 am

Surender Malik alias Neetu Dabodia doesn’t use mobile phones and communicates with his men by sending them letters. On the run for over a year,the man at the top of Delhi Police most-wanted list stands accused of murdering a policeman and many counts of extortion.

Dabodia ran his extortion racket even when he was lodged in Haryana’s Bhondsi Jail,police said. Dabodia,who is from Jhajjar,is involved in several cases of extortion.

A police officer said: “He studied up to Class X. During his school days,he came in contact with anti-social elements. He dropped out of school and started working as a jeep conductor.”

The officer said Dabodia was in Bhondsi Jail after Haryana Police arrested him in 2010,but he and his associates ran their racket from the prison. They allegedly arranged supply of weapons,ammunition and vehicles to gang members.

Dabodia escaped when he was being taken to Saket court from Bhondsi Jail in April 2012.

He was allegedly involved in the murder of head constable Ram Kishen on November 25,2012. Police said Kishen was on duty at a police picket,when he flagged down Dabodia’s car. Instead of stopping the car,police claimed Dabodia shot at Kishen,who succumbed to injuries later.

In February,Dabodia and one of his associates were wounded in an encounter after Delhi Police Special Cell tracked them down. However,Dabodia ran to the fields nearby and managed to escape.

MODUS OPERANDI: Dabodia is difficult to track down as he does not use mobile phones. To communicate with his associates,he sends them letters. “His main strength is that he is well aware of how the police functions — how we look for clues and carry out the investigation. He is also aware of the police network,including our informers,which is why he always manages to escape,” a police source said. He has a reward of Rs 1 lakh against his name.

Sandeep Chitana

Not planning,but action

Dabodia’s close associate allegedly carried out contract-killings,extortion and carjacking. Sandeep Chitana alias Sanju of Sonepat was shot dead in an encounter near Gogharian village in Haryana. He was arrested with a cache of country-made weapons in 2009 after he attacked a police team. However,he managed to escape. According to police,Chitana was involved in more than 11 cases of murder,extortion,attempt to murder and carjacking. His areas of operation were Bawana,Rohini and Sonepat and he mainly targeted money exchangers,cable operators and showroom owners.

MODUS OPERANDI: Chitana did not involve himself in plotting and was more interested in carrying out the plans,police said. He always carried a desi katta (country-made pistol) with him. He had adopted the lifestyle of a businessman to hide his activities. He used to dress well and travel in luxury cars,police said. His strength,according to police,was that he kept changing his identity and residence. He carried a reward of Rs 1 lakh.

Anil Pahalwan

The one-man army

Anil Pahalwan,who belongs to Bahadurgarh,is in the list for cases of kidnapping. He has five cases registered against him,of which three are for kidnapping and two under the Arms Act. In a case registered against him in March 2011 at the South Campus police station,he is alleged to have kidnapped a businessman’s son and asked for Rs 1 crore as ransom. Another case of kidnapping was reported from Prashant Vihar,in which he allegedly demanded a ransom of crores of rupees.

MODUS OPERANDI: Pahalwan does not have any close associates. For every kidnapping,he forms a new group of four to five persons and disbands them after receiving the ransom amount,police said. He works alone and doesn’t tell anyone about his plans. This is how he has managed to avoid getting arrested. To identify his victims,Pahalwan first conducts a reconnaissance. To gather information,Pahalwan would approach various sources,including domestic helps and drivers. At times,he would even pretend to have reached a wrong address and gather information about the victims. After the kidnapping,Pahalwan and his associates would stop using their phones,and make the ransom calls from the victims’ phones.


Always alert

Wanted in over 11 cases of robbery,voluntary causing hurt,dacoity with murder,theft and Arms Act,Neeraj alias Dheeraj is known for his presence of mind and ability to convince people. He was arrested in 2011 and escaped a few days later,when he was produced in the Rohini court,on the pretext of meeting his wife. “He told police personnel who accompanied him to the court that his wife was waiting on the terrace for him. He said he wanted to spend a few minutes with her,and escaped,” a police source said.

MODUS OPERANDI: He robs people at gunpoint.

Sanjeev Sabarwal

‘Catch me if you can’

The most slippery among the most wanted,Sanjeev Sabarwal allegedly shot dead a policeman in 1987 and has been on the run ever since. Sixteen years on,police claim they now have a rough idea about his physique and looks,but none of their informers know much about Sabarwal. He has been in the most-wanted list for the past 16 years.

Alok Gupta

Suave and up to date

A highly educated and tech-savvy man who has never been arrested,Alok Gupta is a member of Neetu Dabodia’s gang. An MBA,he is allegedly involved in several cases of extortion and in the murder of a head constable. He was identified recently,after an associate of Dabodia was arrested.

MODUS OPERANDI: He communicates with gang members via fake profiles on social networking sites. Sometimes,he hacks into Facebook accounts to contact gang members and inform them about the victim. The gang members then follow the victim on social networking sites to keep track on their movements.


The hot-headed man

Satyawan alias Sonu,wanted in cases of robbery,extortion and murder,has a reward of Rs 1 lakh on his name. Sonu is from Daryapur village in Bawana. Police said he is short-tempered and entered the world of crime in a fit of rage. “His cousin eloped with one of his friends. Since he did not approve of their relationship,he shot his friend’s brother. He was arrested. In jail,he met others who encouraged him to join them to earn quick money,” a police officer said. Later,he conspired with other inmates and escaped. He has six cases of robbery and under the Arms Act registered against him. He operates mainly in Outer and Northwest Delhi. He has been on the run since 2009.

MODUS OPERANDI: He always robs people in cars at gunpoint. Then,he uses the cars for other crimes. He does not keep a mobile phone and is not in touch with his family. “He is aware that police keep in touch with families to get an update on their activities. Hence,he has stopped coming to meet his family. Even they do not know where he is,” a police source said.

Raju Gahlot

No trace of him

The prime accused in the Neetu Solanki murder case has been dodging police since February 2011. Raju Gahlot allegedly killed his wife and then dumped her body in a sack. Police have not been able to trace him. Assuming that he left the country,police got a red corner notice issued against him,so that his name is included in the Interpol list.

Mohammad Ali Sher

Always a step ahead

Wanted for kidnapping,Mohammad Ali Sher was arrested on May 24. He is involved in 21 cases of murder,dacoity,kidnapping,robbery and under the Arms Act and had been evading arrest since 2011. He has a reward of Rs 50,000 against his name. He was hiding in his village in Darbhanga in Bihar,and had been frequently changing his hideouts and mobile phones. Three raids were conducted in the past one-and-half year by the Operations Cell of Northwest district but every time he managed to escape.

MODUS OPERANDI: He has a huge network of informers. According to police,he kept changing hideouts and always knew about police raids in advance. “The village where he stays is densely populated. He has several informers. Whenever we thought we would catch him,he always managed to escape,” a police source said. In a recent raid,he again managed to flee as he knew about the police plan of action well in advance.

Vijay Noti

In police net

Arrested on May 22,Vijay Noti rose from being a cable operator to one of the most-feared contract killers in Uttam Nagar. He has been named in over eight cases of attempt to murder,attempt to commit culpable homicide,murder and under the Arms Act. He was on the run since 2010. He was arrested along with his two associates for the double murder of a man and his son in Mandir Marg area of New Delhi. Police said that since 2000,32-year-old Vijay started taking protection money from those stealing electricity in Kali Basti,Uttam Nagar.

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