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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Not So Omazing

This eatery might not bridge the gap between the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico,but this is as economical as it gets

Written by Shantanu David | Published: October 5, 2013 5:50:44 am

Located next to the ambiguously feminine Khan Market is the rather butch Prithviraj Market. Its name aside,the market reeks of masculinity,not least because it is home to several auto shops and dissected cars. Lying somewhat diffidently among these burly bastions is Omazoni. What’s remarkable about the eatery is that it promises a meal for two within the lower limits of three figures.

The menu is a geographical paradox,encompassing Mexican,Lebanese and Italian cuisines. Biased like most of global polity,Mexican occupies the pride of place with the Lebanese and the Italian sections,comprising shawarmas and pita pockets and pasta and pizza respectively,squeezed into the last bit of the menu alongside the drinks and desserts.

We decide to go the UN route and follow one policy maker,er,cuisine,that is,Mexican. The section offers a respectable choice of Burritos,Tacos,Tortilla Rolls,Quesadillas,Rice Bowls and an Indo-Mexican fusion called Doseato. The fillings are almost universally vegetarian,‘soya’,cottage cheese and Mexican chicken,with a few variations like minced meat and fish that prove variety is indeed the spice of life. Unfortunately,we are soon to learn that it’s one of the only spices used in the food.

We order the standard Mexican Chicken Burrito and Minced Meat Chalupa,and because our horoscope told us to be adventurous,a Meat Ball Doseato. The six-inch burrito is pretty decent,a soft tortilla roll wrapped around a hot medley of chicken and kidney beans,while the chalupa is less so. The chalupa is essentially a boat-shaped taco shell,filled with a cornucopia of the various flavours of Mexico,including but not limited to shredded meats,onions,chipotle peppers,refried beans and,of course,salsa. The Omazoni version is a boat-shaped taco shell filled with a cornucopia of lackluster flavours,including but not limited to minced meat,beans,and coleslaw which had definitely seen better days (not to mention cabbage). The doesato reminded us precisely why one is not supposed to pay attention to horoscopes and also of the great distance between the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. A mutation of burrito fillings in a dosa roll,it would probably had been better for all parties concerned if fusion had not raised its temperamental head.

Despite these hiccups,Omazoni merits a second visit. If only for the novelty of having a meal in Khan Market that won’t make your credit card company gloat; perhaps we’ll find more choice waters in the Lebanese and Italian.

Meal for two: Rs 300 (including taxes)

Address: 48,Prithviraj Market,Khan Market; 24693933

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