New books, name plates… Secretariat comes alive

New books, name plates… Secretariat comes alive

The chief minister’s cabin looked spick and span on Thursday.

With two days left for Kejriwal to be sworn in as CM, the secretariat is once again buzzing with activity.
With two days left for Kejriwal to be sworn in as CM, the secretariat is once again buzzing with activity.

The way in which the Delhi secretariat came alive on Thursday was striking in more ways than one. With just two days left for Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn in as chief minister, the secretariat premises is once again buzzing with visitors, workers and staff. Its corridors, which had remained deserted for nearly a year, are alive with conversations and discussions.

Stacks of brand new books — copies of the Constitution of India, the Right to Information Act, the DDA Manual and Pension Rules — were being taken to the office of the Directorate of Audit in the building, that will soon be occupied by Kejriwal and his ministers.

Workers were busy shifting furniture in various rooms, while technicians and electricians bustled about the conference rooms near the CM’s office to ensure that all equipment is functional.


A staff member went around placing tissue-paper boxes in various cabins. Boxes of sugar cubes were being stocked up in anticipation of the numerous discussions bound to take place over tea and coffee.


Principal secretary (General Administration) Anindo Majumdar said, “Nothing is new. We are just getting everything spruced up. We are also checking to ensure that all equipment, like computers, telephones, are functional. Ministers’ cabins have remained closed for a long time. Though they  were cleaned regularly, we need to get everything up and running.”

The chief minister’s cabin looked spick and span on Thursday. Adjoining rooms of the principal secretary, chief minister’s office and visitors waiting room too were being done up.

Staff in the offices of various secretaries was seen making photocopies of the AAP’s 70-point action plan. Kejriwal has also asked all government departments to give him a presentation on January 19 on the work carried out by them.

Majumdar said cars and drivers, used earlier by ministers, are also in place. “The name plates have to made. But so far we only know who the chief minister is. Once we have the names of all ministers, we will get the plates made,” he said.

Babus begin work on AAP’s 70-point plan

Delhi chief secretary D M Spolia Thursday held a meeting with secretaries and senior bureaucrats of various government departments  to discuss the implementation of AAP’s 70-point action plan.

Chief minister designate Arvind Kejriwal, who will be sworn-in by L-G Najeeb Jung on Saturday at the Ramlila Maidan, asked secretaries of various departments to make a presentation before his cabinet about work carried out by them and steps to be taken for the implementation of the action plan starting February 19.

Kejriwal’s cabinet is expected to meet at 4.30 pm on Saturday after his swearing in, sources told Newsline. They said the points raised in the action plan come under 20 departments. The concerned secretaries have been instructed to make “crisp” presentations before the cabinet and circulate details later. The cabinet is expected to start presentations with departments in-charge of power, water and prices of essential commodities.