My Space: Vir Das

My Space: Vir Das

My girlfriend,my vet,my agent and Baskin Robbins… true story.

On my speed dial: My girlfriend,my vet,my agent and Baskin Robbins… true story.

A movie I have watched over 50 times:The Matrix. I still think it’s true. And I am fearful of agents. Not the Bollywood kind… although those ones are pretty damn scary too.

Theme song of my life:Smile by Tony Bennet… talks about how a laugh can save the world… if that’s not available…anything by The Who.

TV show I really love:Homeland

My 4 am friend:A series of air hostesses. That sounds kinkier than it is. I fly a lot at night so there really is no one else around being friendly.


An app I use the most:Pzizz… I have my friend Imran Khan to thank for introducing me to it. It’s a power Nap Engineer. It talks you into a 10 – 90 min power nap.

My hero when I was growing up:Bill Cosby. The first time I saw the man do stand-up I knew I wanted a mind like that. You knew he didn’t see the world in a normal way… what he saw was cooler and funnier. I wanted those glasses.

An irritating habit I need to quit:Punching squirrels… actually who am I kidding… I’m never going to stop… they deserve it… those sneaky beasts.

Social networking is:Addictive,full of people pimping things that you don’t want pimped,a way to stay in touch,a source of news,a way to spread anger,a way to spread laughter…entirely in your hands.

As my wallpaper:My bulldog. Reminds me of home.

Also scares people away.

If they make a movie on your life,who would you want to play you:Angelina Jolie… I know she doesn’t look like me… but I would get to come on set as a ‘consultant’ and give her ‘feedback’… so all’s fair.

What am I reading these days:World War Z… great zombie book.

My comfort food:Double mutton single egg Roll from Nizams.