Mother of AAP MLA waits for govt to turn the tap

Mother of AAP MLA waits for govt to turn the tap

Aam Aadmi Party has promises to provide 700 litres of water a day to every household.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s promise to provide 700 litres of water a day to every household could be a far cry for the unplanned areas of Delhi which do not receive that much in an entire week.

Some colonies in Deoli — a regularised-unauthorised colony in South Delhi with over 1.84 lakh voters — get water supply once in four days,while some others get it once in two days.

Of the 28 AAP MLAs,Prakash,the candidate from Deoli — a reserved constituency — set a record of sorts by winning with the third highest margin within the party — 17,108 votes.

On Thursday,his neighbourhood in Tigri extension was tense as there had been no water supply for three days. “There’s been no water for days. It’s been a problem here forever,” Prakash’s mother Rukmini Prasad said.


Her son has gone for a meeting of AAP legislators,who have made the 700-litre promise to each household. She is still confused and hopes the promise is fulfilled. “If they have said there will be water in every household,I can only hope it comes true.”

Iqrar Hussain,a Prakash supporter,is a tubewell operator who operates the valves that supply water. “It is possible for this parched colony to get water. Pipelines have been laid to connect the area with the Sonia Vihar water plant,but the connection hasn’t been activated yet. The tubewells in this area have dried up and the population has increased by over 10 times. If the ‘Tigri Gate’ joint is connected to Sonia Vihar,there can be water,” Hussain said.

Sunita Bhola said the water crisis does not let her sleep at night. She has a family of 10. She paid Rs 1,400 for a private water tanker on Thursday.

“We have voted for AAP to give them a chance because we have desperate needs. Ab toh jab paani aayega toh dekhenge,bijli ka bill 30% bhi kam ho gaya to maanenge (Now we will see when the water is supplied,we will believe it if the power bills come down by even 30 per cent),” she said.