More permits needed for school buses: Traffic police

More permits needed for school buses: Traffic police

Only 8,780 buses,maxi cabs have permit to carry schoolchildren,but over 20,000 are on the roads

Taking into account the increasing number of permit violations committed by buses and cabs carrying schoolchildren,the traffic police has written to the transport department asking them to grant more permits for vehicles to ferry students.

Currently,only 6,000 buses and 2,780 maxi cabs have legal permit to carry schoolchildren. But more than 20,000 school buses and cabs are on the roads.

Police said in many a school,parents have hired private taxis to ferry students. This,police said,not only compromises the safety of children as drivers of these vehicles are not registered with any authority but is also a great inconvenience for the children.

Drivers pile in double the number of children than the seating capacity of the van and then drive rashly in order to reach the school on time,police sources said.


“There is a yawning gap between the demand and supply of school buses and vans in the city. To control the menace,it is required that more permits be granted. It is the need of the hour since there is a huge difference between what is required and what we have,” the letter sent to the transport department read.

Though the transport department is yet to respond to the letter,a Transport official told Newsline,“We are looking into the matter and we agree that more permits are a necessity. We will grant more permits to tackle the problem.”

In January this year,a five-year-old kindergarten student of the Air Force School,Subroto Park,was killed when her private school van jumped a traffic signal and crashed into a Maruti Swift.

Following this,the Delhi government had issued fresh guidelines for vehicles ferrying schoolchildren. The new rules ban drivers who have been booked for speeding,drink driving or under IPC Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) from ferrying schoolchildren.

The vehicles also have to be equipped with a first-aid box,fire extinguisher and must have provision for bag racks under the seats. Amber flashing lights will have to be put up on the top four corners on the exterior of the bus — these will be activated whenever the bus stops.