MLAs want DERC to reject discoms’ tariff hike proposal

The MLAs have also alleged that the reading of meters was done using a wrong methodology.

New Delhi | Published: April 11, 2015 3:37:08 am

Shubhangi Misra

Fifteen MLAs have written to the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) opposing the tariff revision petition (2015-16) submitted to the power authority by the discoms. The MLAs have demanded that the DERC should reject the discoms’ petitions and order reduction in electricity tariff. They said the managerial inefficiencies of the discoms should not burden the public.

The MLAs also argued that keeping in mind the present circumstances, the DERC should immediately order discoms to reduce power tariffs for domestic consumers to restore its credibility as an impartial regulator.

Krishna Nagar MLA S K Baaga said, “People are harassed with faulty bills. Small households receive bills higher than their income and discom officials raid their houses without notice. This is wrong and the Delhi government will not let the power tariffs be increased in the capital.”

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The MLAs have also alleged that the reading of meters was done using a wrong methodology. The legislators also said the discoms were hiding their non-tariff income.

Reducing power tariff was one of the major promises of the AAP ahead of the Delhi elections. Though the power tariff was reduced by half through subsidies a month ago, the worry is that any increase in power tariff now will increase the financial burden of the government.

“The DERC has not yet replied to our letter. Even if the DERC does not heed our demands, we will ensure that the tariff remains stable,” Gandhinagar MLA Anil Bajpai said.

(The reporter is a student of Exims, Delhi)

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