Mera Wala Superhero

Mera Wala Superhero

You can’t miss him.

You can’t miss him. Right at this moment,at a theatre near you Tony Stark is livin’ it up as only he can as Ironman. While the debate is whether the Man wears the Suit or the Suit wears the man,the fact is that nobody wears the Iron Armour better than Robert Downey Jr. Though he’s non-committal about suiting up for another sequel in the billion dollar franchise,fans worldwide hope he’ll be back because nobody else has the spark to be well,Stark.

Superheroes — the world needs more of them. The way humanity is crumbling all around us,I seriously feel time is ripe for science to reboot a hero to save the world. If I could I would pronto order up a Batman to save my city,my country and me. Of course,once he is done being The Dark Knight,then he and I can unlock all the dark and twisties that plague our soul. How I wish Chris Nolan could write me a Batman for my life.

Soon Man of Steel is coming our way. DC’s Superman needs an emotional reinterpretation and Warner Bros have got the best team in Zack Snyder and Nolan to get it roaring.

A cool side effect of watching a Hollywood Superhero movie is to imagine a Bollywood actor in that part.


Sure,we do have our own Hrithik Krrish Roshan and SRK did try in Ra.One but there are so many superheroes out there that we can kickstart our own fantasy league.

So let’s do this then. I’m thinking Saif Ali Khan as Ironman since he gets the wisecracks well. I can totally see Saif carry off this famous witty Stark — Captain America exchange in The Avengers — Captain America: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away then what are you? Iron Man: A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.

After his Manya Surve avatar in Shootout at Wadala,John Abraham can make for a good Hulk. John’s buffed up body,all muscles and nerves bustling,facial expression exploding run sequence was quite a teaser campaign for ‘I’m always angry’.

Maybe he’s a bit old for the role but I think Akshay Kumar can give a shot at being Superman. He can easily switch between the geeky Clark Kent and look equally convincing when bashing the baddies. In case we need a youngish Man of Steel,Imran Khan can be a good bet.

For Spiderman,I’d pay to watch Ranbir Kapoor swing across buildings as Peter Parker with Superpowers. For Batman,I’ll go with Hrithik. As he showed us in Krrish,he can be the extraordinary guy with ordinary powers. Also as seen in Dhoom 2,he can also be quite a master of disguises,which is the Caped Crusader’s specialty.

I can go on but as the Superheroes are busy on screen,I’ve got to go and rescue myself now.