Memories to cherish from summer holidays

Memories to cherish from summer holidays

Quest asked students of Delhi schools how they spent their summer vacations and what were their best holiday memories.

Quest asked students what was their favourite memory from the Summer Holidays.

My idea of an ideal summer vacation was always this: Travelling to exotic places, indulging in adventure sports and losing yourself in the lap of nature. I was wrong. My best vacation was living with my grandma in Nagpur, which seemed more of a punishment at first. Little did I know that I was about to discover a little “secret” about life itself. Grandma made me believe that I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul. I found the purpose of life is not to do good deeds and go to heaven, but to find heaven on earth itself. I realised the ‘best’ vacation is anywhere the heart is happy and mind is at peace. Now, I am living the best vacation ever.

Gauri Arora, XII-D, Amity International School, Sector-46, Gurgaon

When I sit near the window and remember those days, a big smile comes on my face. It was 7 pm when my parents called me and my elder sister to their room and told us that the next day, we were going to Kasauli. I was so excited that I started jumping here and there and I started speaking aloud to my parents that I’ll take this dress with me and those shoes and other stuff. Finally, the clock struck 8 when we all were ready. We began our journey, my one-year-old brother’s first trip with us. The car journey was too long, but I really had fun talking to my parents, playing with my elder sister, eating McDonald’s burgers with my brother and having fun along with reading books. When we reached Kasauli, the scene was beautiful. The blue sky, huge mountains, the sound of birds chirping and, of course, the pleasant climate made my day. After a lot of travelling, we rested at the resort for an hour or so and then we went to the resort’s terrace. Well, the weather was a bit cold at night and, on the terrace, a musical band was singing melodious songs. After dinner, we went to bed. The morning when I woke up, the beautiful sun caught my attention, making my morning special. We all had breakfast and went for sightseeing. We had a lot of fun and it felt great to be there. I felt as if I was in heaven. The third day, we returned home and, on our way back, I really missed the time spent at Kasauli. My favorite summer vacation memory will always be my visit to Kasauli.

Sara Arora, IX-C, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan

Summer vacation is a time that gives us loads of happy memories. For me, it is the happiest time in the whole year. Every single day of my vacation was interesting in its own way. This vacation brought to me an opportunity to live my dream of becoming a teacher. Since my childhood, I have dreamt of standing beside the blackboard as a teacher, facing a class of several students. It all started when I was selected as a student volunteer for the Teach India project. Being a part of the project, I got to teach a group of our school’s non-teaching staff members. We used to interact, learn and enjoy together. The best feeling was to see the satisfaction on their faces and to see them learn. This was the best part of my vacation, which I will cherish forever, and my favourite memory.

Saumya Verhwani, XI-E, St Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Meera Bagh


There have been many memories that I will cherish all my life, but there is one which I’ll remember the most. It is a road trip to Agra with my family. Between all the studies and tuitions that were going on, a trip out of Delhi was a much-needed break. I went to Agra for a family function. After the function was over, we went for sightseeing. I saw various monuments that Agra is known for. This included the beautiful Taj Mahal and the marvelous Agra fort. We further went around the city on a horse cart while complimenting the historic beauty of the town. My trip did not end here. On our way back, we went to Vrindavan, one of the most holy places for Hindus. We went to the beautiful Isckon temple and prayed to Lord Krishna. This was one of the best trips I have made and I will always cherish it.

Mayank Rawal, XI-E, St Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Meera Bagh

My school subscribes to The Indian Express. So, it is a pleasure writing to you all. As you know, summer vacations are not just any vacation… it is the time when one feels the urgent need to get away from the heat of summer. It is the time when we feel relaxed at home. Summer vacations are the only time when we can hangout with our friends and can even go to many different places. I just can’t forget the moment when my dad and I went all the way to Chandigarh in a car. Those five to six hours were the most memorable time during the entire holiday.
You can enjoy mocktails and ice-creams as well as feel happy about the fact that school is going to start again at the end of the vacations. As someone said, holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make a better life for those around us.

Rajat Virdi, X, Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar-IV

My summer vacation was a blockbuster. I visited my grandparents in Kashmir and made friends with six adorable ‘Lilliputians’. It all started when we were going to the market and, on the way, noticed a boy selling coloured chicks on the roadside. After seeing those cute little chicks, my cousin brother, who is a diehard fan of birds, bought six of the lot and, from that day onwards, every one was very excited to look after the chicks. We even got a two-storey coop built for them. When I first saw them, one thing that came to my mind was the “rainbow” and so I named them “rainbow chicks”. I admired those little beauties the whole day and almost started baby-sitting them. I fed them grains and gave them water. In the mornings, I would leave them in the open; like athletes they would run all over the lawn, jumping and chirping, letting me know the importance of freedom. I almost started conversing with them! Days passed, the birds weren’t small any more; they had grown wings and teeny-meeny tails. It was so much fun watching them play and grow every second, every minute and every day. I miss them!

Saba Qadri, IX-B, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan

My summer vacation was a super experience. I reached my hometown, Kerala, after a three-day- long train journey on May 26. Even in the train, I made some new friends but, at last, we had to bid them goodbye. On May 28, we decided to visit and stay at my grandma’s house. I was so excited because my cousins, seven of them, were present there. As soon as we all had lunch, my cousins took me on a drive, which was mind-blowing. We all played till 10 o’clock at night. The next day, we went for shopping and had lunch. My cousins and I then went to explore the beauty of nature. After staying with them for three weeks, it was time for me to say goodbye to them. But those memories will remain in my heart.

Aishwarya Alex, X-B, St Francis De Sales School

It had rained all night the day before and even in the morning that day. The weather was cool providing relief from the hot summer days. The evening being pleasant, we decided to go for an outing to India Gate. We started at about 7 pm and reached our destination at 8 pm. After parking our car at a distance, we decided to walk to India Gate. Standing in front of the monument and looking at Amar Jawan Jyoti instilled in me emotions of patriotism for my country. We then headed towards Andhra Bhawan to enjoy traditional Hyderabadi dinner. And then, we drove over Raisina Hill to get a view of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan with the North Block on one side and the South Block on the other. It was a great evening spent with family in pleasant weather, witnessing the architectural marvels in the heart of the capital city.

Simran Gauba, IX-D,  St Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri

Summers — as we say, scorching heat with sun glaring and shining at its best — are the most painful season, we can say, but as we hear the word vacation, this pain transforms to joy and happiness. This summer was a great vacation and I can say the most enjoyable one as I had a trip with my friends and family. My favorite memory this time was my visit to see my younger brother, so happy to play with rabbits at Khajjiar. Every summer brings something special with its burning heat and, this time, it was my brother’s rejuvenating and refreshing smile.

Akshita Gupta, IX-A, ASN Sr Sec School

‘Vacations! Holidays!’ These words seem to light up the life of a student. These magic words lend colour into the routine of a student’s life. These are not merely words but have much greater meaning attached to them. Holidays not only bring relief from our tiring school schedule, but also fill the container of joy to its brim. Contrary to what some people believe, it is difficult to declare one memory as the best memory of my summer holidays as all these memories are equally good. But I can say that the part I enjoyed the most was spending time with my family and friends. In today’s hectic schedule when people hardly have time for each other, these vacations provide a splendid opportunity to know each other better. It is not important to go on a trip in order to understand each other better; a small conversation at home fulfills the purpose beautifully. What really is important is spending quality time with our near and dear ones, understanding the worth of each other, the value of the relationship and importance of love and faith. So, the best memory of these vacation was the happiness I gained out of enjoying myself, understating some small truth and valuing the company of loved ones, which were sufficient to make these vacations happy and memorable.

Meghna Kaul, X-C, Birla Vidya Niketan