Man arrested for killing NRI wife,burning body

Man arrested for killing NRI wife,burning body

Sumit Handa’s phone call records,Google searches led police to him

Had Sumit Handa removed all traces of his last Google search and kept himself from faltering during a questioning session on November 11,the police may still have been groping in the dark over the murder of his wife,Niranjani Pillay. Handa’s plan was well laid out,and his alibis were strong enough to make sure that nobody suspected his involvement.

Investigating officers zeroed in on Handa,an NRI,when a Sub-Inspector received a tip-off that Niranjani had not gone missing,but was murdered.

Police said that on the day Handa allegedly burnt the body on October 30 in Rai,Haryana,he had waited for nearly two hours to make sure that the body was completely reduced to ashes. Subsequently,he returned to his rented accommodation in Southeast Delhi’s Pul Prahladpur area,where he changed the bathroom floor tiles to remove any traces of blood.

However,when the police asked him whether he had ever been to Rai,Handa denied it. This gave police their first clue,because call records clearly showed that he was in Rai on November 30.


Further investigations led the police to the mystery behind the person-missing report,which he had filed two days after allegedly murdering 27-year-old Niranjani. In his three-page report submitted to the Pul Prahaladpur police station,Handa alleged that his wife had run away with another man,taking along all her gold jewellery,cash and clothes.

While Niranjani’s parents in South Africa and Handa’s parents in Agra bought his theory,Handa wrote emails from his own email account to Niranjani — asking her to return. “In order to maintain the facade that his wife had left him,he continued sending emails to her,” said DCP (Crime) Ashok Chand.

He also kept his inbox open,so his colleagues at his travel firm in Mansarovar Park could see the mails and believe them to be genuine.

It was while scanning his emails that the police noticed the last Google search Handa had made. “To check if Niranjani’s remains had been discovered,he checked the Haryana Police website to ascertain if any burnt body had been recovered from that area,” said Addl DCP (Crime) Sanjay Bhatia.

However,Handa claimed he has been framed. “My wife slit her wrist,” he said,“I don’t know who burnt her.”