Life of Pie

A new pizzeria in Hauz Khaz Village ensures you are the closest to New York’s famed pizzas.

Written by Shantanu David | Updated: April 13, 2014 3:04:35 am
Interiors of the pizzeria. Interiors of the pizzeria.

As the mercury starts rising, one starts thinking wistfully of summer holidays. Whether you can manage to squeeze out the time for one is another matter. After all, if John Mayer can plan a trip to Japan alone, even if he doesn’t go, why not us? Channeling an Empire state of mind, we decide to head to New York Slice, a new pizzeria in Hauz Khas Village figuring that’s the closest we’ll get to the Big Apple on our budget.

The restaurant is right below Yeti, done up in shades of white and orange, with graphics of the New York skyline, the requisite graffiti and wooden furniture. The music is chill unlike the recent weather and the staff is happy to guide you through the menu, which is more extensive than a typical pizzeria. Apart from a range of pizza (available by the giant slice or whole pie), there are subway sandwiches and sides including garlic bread knots and strombolis — a blanket of dough filled with a choice of meat or vegetarian fillings and cheese.

We order the Garlic Knots, a giant slice each of the Rockefeller (jalapenos, olives, sun dried tomatoes) and the Meatpacking District (minced mutton, chicken sausage, onions and olives) as well as the Meat Stromboli. The knots come first, twisted pieces of garlic bread that are slightly harder than we would have liked, but it’s the one road bump on an otherwise smooth journey.

The pizza is everything one hopes pizza to be and not the conglomerate cardboard slices that are so widely available. The slices are the size of Sunny Deol’s dhai kilo ka haath, though nowhere as fatal. The slices are thin and crisp and the cheese so melty that you can slurp it up like spaghetti. The toppings are of the finest quality and in a combination guaranteed
to captivate like a night on Broadway.

The stromboli takes the longest and arrives with the most ostentation, wrapped in a foil. The dish is a large wrap, toasty warm and just as crunchy, stuffed with sliced sausages, bell peppers and a truck load of yielding cheese and accompanied by a spirited salsa dip. By this point we’re feeling pretty spherical ourselves but sheer dedication to our work (and to making pigs of ourselves) encourage us to order dessert — the walnut brownie, a decadently rich bar cookie, which makes our probably immanent coronary, well worth it.

Let’s hear it for New York.

Meal for two: Rs 400 (inclusive of taxes, exclusive of alcohol)
Address: 50, ground floor, Hauz Khas Village

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