Laser hair removal goes wrong, man’s arm gets burnt

Laser hair removal goes wrong, man’s arm gets burnt

26-year-old railway officer wanted to get rid of excess body hair.

His marriage proposal turned down because he had too much body hair, a 26-year-old gazetted railway officer approached what he believed was one of the best centres for laser treatment. But during the course of treatment to rid his body of excess hair, Himmat Ram Meena’s right arm got burnt.

New Look Cosmetic Skin Laser Centre at Lajpat Nagar, which claims to have a team of expert doctors for laser treatment, reportedly does not even have a single qualified dermatologist, police said.

Police have registered a case of negligence against the clinic after Meena lodged a complaint. According to police, Meena went to the clinic for a treatment session on February 26, which he found extremely painful. After the session, he felt a burning sensation on his right arm and rashes started appearing. A doctor at the clinic told him that the rashes were normal and would go away in two days, police said.

“However, even after two days, the burning sensation persisted and the rashes became more visible. He complained that he could not move his arm and went back to the centre. He alleged that seeing the condition of his arm, the staff at the clinic shooed him away and asked him to never return,” a police officer said. “Meena then approached police and we registered a case,” he said.

During investigation, police found that the centre has several complaints against it. “Last year, a person from Uttar Pradesh had complained against the centre. A series of cases is pending in consumer court against the centre. Still, no criminal case had been registered against it. This time, however, we registered a criminal case and are investigating the matter,” the officer said.


Police said Meena had alleged that he had been receiving calls from the centre, threatening him to withdraw the case. “Meena told us that he received a call from a person at the centre, who threatened to shoot him. Based on this, we have added a section of criminal intimidation against the accused party in the FIR,” the officer said. “Police are collecting all past cases against the centre to make the case stronger,” he said.

When contacted, the authorities at the centre refused comment.