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Friday, December 04, 2020

JNU chalks out route to green campus

In times of depleting energy resources and increasing costs,JNU has a solution at hand.

Written by Hamari Jamatia | New Delhi | January 9, 2009 2:54:36 am

In times of depleting energy resources and increasing costs,JNU has a solution at hand. The administration has decided that all new buildings being constructed in the campus should have energy-saving mechanisms like rainwater harvesting and solar heaters. The university also plans to have its own water treatment plants to recycle the water used by the residents of JNU for domestic purposes.

“JNU has a water scarcity problem,so it is important that such plans are made for water conservation,” said Prof Rajendra Prasad,Rector I of the university. Talking about the planned water treatment plants,he said recycled water from those plants is known as grey water and can be used for horticulture and other non-drinking purposes.

“We already have water harvesting systems in some of our buildings,while two buildings,including the Staff College have solar heaters. Now all new buildings will have these facilities,” added Prasad.

The buildings fitted with rainwater harvesting systems store their accumulated water in the six check dams built inside the campus. According to a source,many changes were made in the proposed location of new buildings to make sure they did not block any of the tubes that transport the water to the dams.

Among the new buildings slated to come up by the end of this year inside the campus is the Koena Hostel for boys and girls,which will house more than 500 students. Next in line is the housing complex for guests and faculty.

Sunil Kumar,the Horticulture Officer said two to three buildings will share one water treatment plant. “The whole Administrative block will have one treatment plant,while the cluster of new buildings will have one shared between them,” he said.

While work on the plans has already started,the new buildings are expected to be ready in a year’s time.

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