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Jar Full of Jam

A confiture boutique is here to tease the palate with sweet preserves and savoury relishes.

When we were children,culinary anomalies like Marmite and Marmalade haunted our breakfast tables,and were probably the reason we adopted cold coffee as our breakfast de guerre. So when we heard of Gourmet Jar,a newly opened “jam-erie” in Shahpur Jat,we decided to tread lightly.

The store is tiny,a kind of retail blink-and-miss it,located next to designer store Avocoadoe. The exterior and the interior look like they’ve been done up by the same firm that designed the Hansel and Gretel’s witch’s abode,engineered to attract and hold,with ruffles and plenty of candy pink and sky blue shades. There are wooden shelves tacked with cheerful displays of jams and relishes and a small tasting table with miniscule jars and plastic spoons.

We soon come to realise that more than just a jam repository,the Gourmet Jar is a confiture boutique with a flavour palate that begins from lightly sweet to heavily savoury. The Apple Pie jam is sweet and simple like the pie itself,while the Bitter Orange Whiskey Marmalade made us rethink our stance on marmalade. However,our favourites were the robust Spicy Onion Relish and the absolutely delish Banana Rum Jam. When the former was opened,the entire shop filled with the scent of caramelised onions and the relish packed a punch. With the banana rum it was love at first lick.

Other flavours include Pineapple Rum Jam,Fig Orange Liqueur Jam,Mango Jalapeno Preserve,Plum 3 Spice Cointreau Preserve,Mulled Wine Jam,Mint Chocolate n Strawberry Spread and No-sugar-added Date & Prune Jam,among others,all priced between Rs 250 and Rs 350 for 250gm.

Breakfast will never be the same again.