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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidyalaya,Alipur,pays old age home a visit

Last Tuesday I had a class excursion to Senior Citizens Women’s hostel Aradhana from school.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: February 27, 2012 1:06:16 am

Last Tuesday I had a class excursion to Senior Citizens Women’s hostel Aradhana from school. When our class teacher told us about this class excursion,I was only thinking questions like: What we will do there? Will we get bored there? Why don’t the old folk live with their families? Do they have their own homes? The visit provided me with answers to all these questions. That place was not boring,it was interesting. I met many grandmas who were very nice and inspiring. Despite being old and facing so many difficulties in life,they were happy. They inspired us to live life happily. The old age home also accommodated a big banyan tree and some flower beds. Once there,I met a 72-year-old woman. I have never met a lady like her before. Her husband was a bank manager who passed away nine years ago. When he passed she didn’t lose her courage and started living happily with her son. But three months ago,he also passed away. But she is a big hearted lady who never feels sad . Now she is living in the old age home. Her daughter is a business woman with two sons and a daughter. The woman,who’s name is Subhash Khanna,turned out to be an inspiring woman. By going there I understood that the only thing they want from us is a bit of love. Why can’t we give a bit of love to them? Can’t we treat them as our parents or grandparents? If they have no one to spend their time with them,can’t we be with them for a while? Mrs Khanna’s daughter does not live with her,but cares enough to meet her often. So,like that only,can’t we spare a little bit of time for them? Can’t we fulfill their small wish to make them feel so that they also have someone. I felt very nice meeting Mrs Khanna. She thinks that as we get life only once,we should live our life without any fear. We should never look back at our troubles,she says.


Our school planned a visit to old age home on February 7. The name of the old age home is Aradhana. It is for old women. I and my friends were very happy to go there. We called the inmates dadiji and naniji to make them happy. They were very happy to see us. We sang songs with them. They asked us our names and about our classes and school and so many other questions. We also asked them many questions. They were very happy to see us and hugged us with happiness. They also asked some funny questions and made us laugh. We clicked photos with them. The manager of the old age home asked us to write an article on them. They were very happy to know that we had come from a long distance only for meeting them. It was a memorable day for me,and I wish to get a chance to meet them again.

Sanjana Arora,VI-A

Recently,our school took us on an educational trip to an old age home. When we got the permission slips ,I thought: Oh!,Why are we going to an old age home ? What will we do there? When we were in the bus,I asked my teacher what do we have to do there ? My teacher said when we met the old people,we would feel very happy. And not only us,they would also feel the same . when we entered the premises,we saw a garden and an old banyan tree. Moving further,I met R.R. Tanejaji. She was very old and looked very cute. She was very experienced also. I sat and talked to her for hours and when I was leaving she blessed me. I felt as if I was in heaven. After that ,we went forward and I met another old women named Kikurji with a sad story that she was carrying in her heart . I felt very happy when everyone was sharing their feelings with us. After my visit,I realized the importance of this visit.

Sara Bhardwaj,VI-C

Old age is a time when we need love and care of our loved ones. But some old people are put in old age homes for the aged and are forgotten by their children. I visited the old age home,Aradhana,along with my friends from my school . We spoke to the old people and asked various questions about their likes and dislikes. First we met Mrs R R Taneja. She is 65 years old. Then we met Pushpa Singh,and her age is 66 years. She likes to eat sweets but she cannot because she has diabetes. Then we met Mrs Mohini Gopal who is a retired teacher. Then we met Mrs Aarti ,she is 75 years old. In the end,I met 63-year-old Mrs Sunanda. She used to live in Calcutta. Her son put her up in an old age home because he wanted to go to Canada and work there. I felt very sad to see this. Our parents have sacrificed everything for our happiness and future. So it is improper to act as if they deserve no respect and love from us.

Ujjwal Karyana,VI-C

We visited an old age home in Delhi. We reached there at 10 am. The incharge,Mrs Shilki,took us around the home and showed us various interesting things. We met many old women there. The women were all old,with white hair and wrinkled skin,probably above the age of 60 years. We saw a big,ancient looking banyan tree in the park,which without any doubt was 50-60 years old. The old age home was constructed in 2001 by the NDMC. We conversed with a retired teacher. She has two children,but they had left her at the shelter. We also met two other remarkable women — Mahini Ghosh who was 85 years old and Chena Manahattra who had just turned 76. They told us that they were all great friends and enjoyed each others’ company very much. We sang a song and clicked some nice photos with them. This visit will always be carved in my memory in golden letters as it was great fun and educational too. That was the day I realised the plight of the elderly in today’s world.

Pritam Singh ,VI-C

This Tuesday,I went to an old age home for women with my classmates and teachers. It is the most memorable experience in my life. We had a lot of fun. We sang and danced all the way. We cracked jokes and enjoyed a lot. But we got emotional when we entered the women’s old age home. It seemed that after a lot of fun we were being treated to the reality of life. We met many old women there. Although they were looking happy,everyone seemed to have some problem or the other. Some women had lost their relatives,some were neglected by their families,and others were physically challenged. But they were enjoying their life there.


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