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IAS officer who was locked out ‘very upset’

Govt had divested him of charge of services and locked him out of his offices on Monday.

Bureaucrats who attended the meeting for AGMUT-cadre IAS officers held on Wednesday said that senior IAS officer Anindo Majumdar, who was earlier this week locked out of this office, was very upset and has voiced his displeasure at the way he was treated.

The Delhi government had divested him of the charge of the services and general administration department and locked him out of his offices on Monday. “

“He was certainly very upset. He was not shouting but he was obviously hurt and humiliated. He said he was locked out of his office without even being allowed to take his personal belongings. He said this was about his dignity as no senior officer has been subjected to such treatment before,” an officer who attended the meeting told The Indian Express.


The meeting was also attended by Shakuntala Gamlin, who is at the centre of a storm over her appointment as acting chief secretary for 10 days while chief secretary K K Sharma is on leave from May 13.


Also present at the meeting was senior IAS officer Rajendra Kumar, secretary to the chief minister.

Another officer who attended the meeting said that making personal allegations against a senior bureaucrat like Gamlin was also undignified and had raised dissension among the officers”

“How can you mistrust a bureaucrat? They are the arms and legs of the government. Even if there is some finding or observation against a bureaucrat, it is always sent in a sealed envelope. And when an officer is considered for a posting, it is on his or her merits — aside of the observations made by the vigilance wing. To make such serious allegations against a senior officer in public is not acceptable. She (Gamlin) too said that she was very hurt and the allegations were baseless. Letters of comfort have been written in the past as well,” another IAS officer said.

“Officers expressed their displeasure not only with the chief minister but also the Lt-Governor. When the former chief secretary D M Spolia retired and S N Sahai, secretary (finance) was appointed acting chief secretary, the Lt-Governor had issued a show-cause notice to Majumdar and Sahai. That too was very upsetting for the officers. They are just performing their duties,” another officer said.

“The meeting went on much longer than we expected. There was a lot of drama and officers were very vocal and expressive. In the end, we decided to urge both the chief minister and the Lieutenant Governor to create an atmosphere in which everyone can work smoothly,” a senior officer said.