How three AK-47 shots were ‘accidentally’ fired near PM Modi’s residence

How three AK-47 shots were ‘accidentally’ fired near PM Modi’s residence

Cop sent to district line for dereliction of duty.

A police control room (PCR) constable who “accidentally” fired thrice from an AK-47 outside Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence Wednesday has been sent to a district line for dereliction of duty, said police sources.

“It appears he mishandled a loaded weapon. It is a norm that a weapon should be ready all the time when in secured areas such as the Prime Minister’s residence,” said a police official Thursday.

“The shots went off minutes after constable Ramesh Chand took charge of the loaded weapon from constable Mehndi Hassan outside the Prime Minister’s 7, Race Course Road, residence,” added the official.


“After Chand got the weapon from Hassan, he put it on back seat of the PCR van. Later, Chand picked it up with his finger on the trigger and the shots got fired,” said the official.
Though no was injured, it has emerged that the driver of the PCR van had a lucky escape, said a source. “The three shots pierced the van and one of them passed through a door after brushing past the trouser of driver Suresh,” added the source.


“The AK-47 was on burst-fire mode and Chand took his finger off immediately after the three shots, otherwise it could have been damaging. The burst-fire mode fires a predetermined round of fire,” said the source.

Soon after the scare, the head constable and the PCR in-charge Amar Singh passed on the alert and officers rushed in and started a probe, added the source.

Chand was questioned at Tughlak Road police station Wednesday. He was questioned Thursday too and an internal inquiry has been initiated, said sources. Sources said Chand was with the PCR for the last two years.