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How important are teachers for society?

Each profession occupies a specific niche in society — doctors heal,engineers design and bankers handle our money.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi |
September 5, 2011 1:29:18 am

Each profession occupies a specific niche in society — doctors heal,engineers design and bankers handle our money. Teaching,however,stands out as a subsumptive entity. At a preliminary stage,teachers instill the transcendent faculties of communication,decision making and awareness of social responsibilities. Later in life,no matter which field we choose to pursue,we again turn to teachers for training. A strong information base and well developed capabilities of comprehension and analysis are critical for progress. These crucial responsibilities of inculcating knowledge,kindling inspiration and encouraging creative thought are all vested in the teacher. Keeping in mind the increasing trend of both parents working long hours,the teacher is also expected to build a strong moral character and provide emotional support. Thus,the teacher has to build a rapport with the student and be simultaneously approachable and authoritative. His/her role encompasses that of an instructor,friend,role model and confidant. 

Ishita Batra,XI-D,Delhi Public School,R K Puram

I often wonder about teachers who educated famous people such as Einstien and Abraham Lincoln. Were these teachers specially qualified to inspire their students to achieve fame and success? Or were these teachers just plain lucky to have talented students? Do some teachers have rare qualities of turning them into gold ? The answer may not be easy to find. A great person once said,“Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions.” From ancient times,teachers have been playing an important role in our society. Behind every successful engineer or doctor there is a teacher. A teacher is a person who moulds them into engineers or doctors. A person who teaches us moral values,a person who encourages us is a teacher. In Indian culture,we praise teachers more than Gods. Alexander the Great once said,“I am indebted to my father for living,but to my teacher for living well.”

Prashant Singh,X- A,St. Mary’s School,Safdarjung Enclave

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The role of teachers in society is both significant and valuable. They are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching,and,apart from parents,they are the main source of knowledge and values for children. It is rightly said that a teacher plays a key role in shaping our future. Nowadays,being an engineer or a doctor is considered good,but they would not have been able to get where they are without teachers. Teachers share the information they have. On the contrary,doctors and engineers do not necessarily share theirs.Right from the age of four,a child finds himself in the hands of a teacher. Throughout our lives,our teachers inspire us and teach us about values. They treat us like their own children and make us learn from their experiences. They make us strong enough to stand on our own feet and face any challenge. No engineer or doctor can ever replace a teacher’s contribution in our lives! “A good teacher is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Jasmeen Kaur Ahluwalia,X-C,Springdales,Dhaula Kuan

A doctor treats patients,an engineer constructs buildings and machines but a teacher builds the nation. The young students of today are the leaders and the hope for the future of any country. They are the plants in the garden of the nation and teachers are the gardeners. By irrigating the “garden of the nation” and giving direction to the young,teachers lay the foundation for any country. These torch-bearers of the society undoubtedly play an indispensable and immensely important role towards shaping a strong nation. There is no other profession that can supersede the teaching profession. Teachers,therefore,rightly hold a position higher than that held by the almighty in the Indian society.

Ankita Prasad,VII-A,Cambridge School,Indirapuram

In this world of competition,we all want to make it big and become doctors,engineers business executives,etc. But how many of us want to become teachers? Even though teachers play a very important role in the society,most of us would rather pursue other careers. While these professions are necessary for the development and well-being of the society,teachers are extremely important for the development of human resources itself. Teachers feed moral values into society,and double up as its educational foundation. They build the nation by shaping the people who make up it up. To imagine a society without teachers is impossible. In the words of H G Wells,who rightly said: “The teacher is the real maker of history.”

Sukrita Deb,XI,Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar

It is often said that the three main contributors to shaping our lives is God,our parents and our teachers. Our parents are our primary teachers. They teach us the basic things in life. But the teachers who come later give us the knowledge that we possess forever. Their entire lives are devoted to educating young children and turning them into mature and independent individuals. Each teacher is unique in his/her own way. Some prefer care over strictness,some difficulty over ease. One meets different teachers in different stages of their lives. They all show us the way to success and happiness. They always acknowledge our good traits and nurture them. They extract our hidden talent and bring it to the surface. They motivate us to take the right decisions. They are always by our side. Teachers are gods on Earth,and there can be no argument about that.

Soumya Mishra,X-C,Springdales School,Dhaula Kuan

The role of a teacher is very important in a child’s life. A teacher is much more important than a doctor or engineer. It is the teacher who makes doctors and engineers. While doctors can only treat people or counsel them,teachers create “humans with values” and teach the difference between right and wrong. An engineer might be a genius,but it is the teacher who makes the genius. Because of this,teachers are considered to be above all in Hindu mythology — even above the gods. It’s the teacher who shapes the life of young children. Throughout their lives,a teacher holds the tiny fingers of young ones sapling and teaches them to walk through the right path. Because it is a comparatively low-paid job,today’s generation cannot understand the importance of a teacher. Well-being,they think,lies purely in money. But then,the truth about teachers is a truth in itself,and will always remain so.

Vibhor Goel,XI-G,St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School,Meera Bagh

Schools are one of the first places where the foundation of a good citizen is laid in the form of kid’s behaviour and qualities. Schools are important because kids learn the base of their educational life here. Teachers almost become like parents for kids because of the time they spend together. I believe a real teacher comes about through many years of training and experiences in the field of teaching. Doctors and engineers are also very important for the society,but their base is prepared by teachers. It’s not just doctors and engineers,but every man or woman who succeeds in life because of their teacher. Teachers have the qualities to become role models for their students. We can say that they are the real builders of the nation.

Manil K Sharma,VIII-D,DAV Public School,Dwarka

We all are surrounded by many helpers,who guide us through our daily life. But there are some who help us right from childhood. They are called teachers. Teachers give us lessons in morality and good habits. The world is what it is today,just because of them. When we are ill,we avail of treatment from doctors. But if somebody has a problem with geography,physics or political science,he will go only to the teacher — not a postman,a doctor or an engineer. Teachers clear our doubts and help touch the the pinnacle of success. They support us during our exams,they are like relatives who understand our innermost feelings. Every student is equal in the eye of teacher. They teach us how to take inspiration from everything around us. They handle indiscipline students with a positive feeling,and change them. They spread knowledge without expecting anything in return. They also play a great role in shaping human beings. All the celebrities in the world,who have passed through school life and reached the highest level of success because of hard work,have done so because of their teachers. Teachers’ hands are like the hands of God,always there to help us. If we want success,we should mark the way of good surrounding by obeying the teachers. Our Vedas also tell…. aachrya devo bhavah,which means,treat your teachers like God.

Megha Bodwal,VIII,DAV School,Dwarka

Teachers are the pillar of strength,and the guiding force in a students’ lives. Teachers pass on values to children,prepare them for further education,and are the main contributor to good education in a society. Students are deeply affected by teachers’ love and affection,character, competence,and moral commitment. The role of a teacher in society is of immense importance to provide a promising future to the nation. People having other occupations,such as doctors and engineers,would not have been able to be what they are if their teachers had not been there to impart education to them. Teaching is,hence,a profession that teaches all other professions.

Taniya Arora,XII- A,St. Mark’s Public School,Meera Bagh

Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to God is education. Teachers foster growth of individuals as well as nations. Most of the people in this profession know they are not entitled to wealth and fame,but do it just to help mankind. Someone has truly said,“The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation”. Teachers are the pillars of all professionals. whether they are doctors or engineers. They impart knowledge and skills required to become doctors and engineers. If not for teachers the space programme would not have been advanced as it currently is. If not for teachers,there would be little movement towards reducing global warming. If not for teachers,the US may not have embraced its first African American President.

Saman Kidwai,X-J,Delhi Public School,R K Puram

Teachers are equal to God,and come right next in the hierarchy after parents. In my point of view,teachers build the base for everything that is relevant for a human being. Doctors save our lives and engineersmake roads,but,in the end,it all goes back to teachers. They are the ones who feed us with vital information,and help us learn the basics. It must have been ateacher who taught a person to write a book. If there were no teachers,nobody would have known how to read or write. Teachers go back to the age of Ramayana and Mahabharata. They,no doubt,play an important role in our life,and they are the ones who create engineers and doctors in the first place.

Alisha Nevatia,VII-B,Cambridge School,Indirapuram

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