Hours before death,MP’s wife beat Rakhi,tried to strangle her,says 17-year-old helphttps://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/hours-before-death-mps-wife-beat-rakhi-tried-to-strangle-her-says-17yearold-help/

Hours before death,MP’s wife beat Rakhi,tried to strangle her,says 17-year-old help

The MP and his wife are under arrest in connection with the help,Rakhi’s death.

Investigations into the death of a 35-year-old domestic help employed by BSP MP Dhananjay Singh has revealed that hours before the incident,the help had allegedly been tortured by Singh’s wife Jagriti.

The MP and his wife are under arrest in connection with the help,Rakhi’s death. According to police,Rakhi’s autopsy suggested prolonged torture,allegedly at the hands of Jagriti,as the cause of death.

Based on the statement of a 17-year-old help,also employed by the MP and his wife,police on Monday said merely five hours before Rakhi died,she had been tortured by Jagriti,who allegedly stripped her naked in the washroom and attempted to strangle her.

Police are now waiting for the footage from CCTV cameras installed inside the MP’s house to gather more evidence against Jagriti. The footage had been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) for analysis.


Police said the juvenile help had claimed that around 3 am on November 4,the day Rakhi died,Jagriti dragged Rakhi by her hair to the washroom. There,police said,Jagriti allegedly asked the 17-year-old to help her disrobe Rakhi.

According to police,Rakhi resisted and kept screaming. However,police said Jagriti refused to relent and beat her. Then threatening to kill her,Jagriti allegedly began strangling Rakhi,the minor help told police in his statement.

A senior investigating officer said,“The juvenile help told us that Jagriti continuously slapped Rakhi. She then poured a bucket of cold water on the help,after which Rakhi just became still.”

Later,Jagriti allegedly asked the juvenile help to help her carry Rakhi to a room. She was then left there,while Jagriti retired to her room to sleep,police said.

In his statement,the juvenile claimed that Jagriti had asked him to wake her up at 3.50 am as she wanted to go for a walk. However,he claimed that he forgot and woke her up at 4 am. Angry,Jagriti allegedly beat up the 17-year-old with a an iron rod.

Police said Jagriti had admitted to beating the minor help.

“She told us that she was angry with Rakhi and the juvenile because she thought they were having an affair. She told us that she couldn’t stand the helps not following her instructions,” the police officer said.

Rakhi’s son scared to come to city<\b>

Police said they were trying to convince Rakhi’s son Shehzan to return to the capital to testify in court,but that he was too scared to do so.

Shehzan had come to the capital last week to take his mother’s body home. However,police said he went missing last Thursday from outside the Chanakyapuri police station. A search was launched and Shehzan was found in his village in West Bengal on Saturday night.

He reportedly told police that he was too scared to return even to perform his mother’s last rites. Now,a police team,which is camping in West Bangal’s North Parganas district,is making all efforts to convince him,police said.

“The team has roped in local police,some local NGOs and his neighbours to try and persuade him to come back to Delhi and take his mother’s body home for the last rites,” a senior police officer said.


Meanwhile,police have traced the family of MP Dhananjay Singh’s other help Meena. They will be brought to the capital,police said.