Govt school teachers get crash course in value education

Govt school teachers get crash course in value education

The Edu. department has directed all heads of schools to attend the compulsory one-day programme running from April 13-19.

A week after senior officials from Delhi’s Education department attended a workshop to learn about a “new way of value-based teaching”, it is now the turn of senior teachers to train in what is called Madyasth Darshan Jeevan Vidya.

Teachers can opt for vipassana course at govt expense: Manish Sisodia

The department has directed all heads of schools to attend the compulsory one-day programme  running from April 13-19. “The   workshop is being organised for the heads of government schools, members of GSTA (a teachers association) and registered teachers groups in collaboration with the Directorate of Education… on ‘Ensuring Values Through Education,” a circular issued by Additional Director of Education Sunita Kaushik, said.

A senior official told Newsline, “Since there is so much instability and greed in today’s society, it is necessary not only to educate our children but also equip them with strong values. The focus needs to be on a new value-based education system.”


The official said she attended the workshop in Chhattisgarh and found the knowledge really beneficial. “We decided to hold an orientation programme for all school heads to introduce them to the concept.”

The first day of the session saw a teacher from Manviya Shiksha Shodh Sansthan convince teachers of the need for taking part in the camp at Chhattisgarh.

“Our education system is not sufficient to meet the needs of today’s children… they have materialistic and emotional needs. I am here because it is the policymaker’s wish to change the ground reality in education in five years. After attending the workshop, you will be assured that a new value-based system of education is possible,” Som Bhai, the teacher from the organisation, told his audience. He did not go into the details of how such a goal would be achieved.

“Right now you are here on orders, but I assure you that those who ordered you have seen their lives change. Very soon, you will see it too. Just follow this track,” he said.

People who wanted to attend the 10-day camp in Chhattisgarh were asked to submit their names at the end of the session. Interested teachers would be sent to the camp, on government’s expenses, an official said.

Teachers had mixed views about the camp. “He said some very nice things, but the ground reality is different. It was good to hear, but is very impractical,” a teacher said. “For more than five hours, he repeated the same message — be good, do good. We already know it,” another teacher said.

“The intention is certainly noble. I do believe a change is needed. I am all for a new system. I am with this new plan,” another teacher said.

Last week, at least 40 senior officials from the Education department, including director education and higher education, attended the seven-day Madhyasth Darshan Jeevan Vidya course in Chhattisgarh. Education Minister Manish Sisodia had sent them there to learn about a “new value-based teaching”.