Give donations to AAP — through easy instalments

Give donations to AAP — through easy instalments

There are no minimum or maximum limit for transferring funds through this option, Gaurav said.

Having dabbled with raising funds through mobile money and online donations, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in the midst of the Lok Sabha polls, is set to give a boost to its donations through new initiatives — giving people the option of donating in easy instalments and a simpler online remittance process for NRIs.

Aimed at facilitating the donation process for salaried professionals, the AAP will provide donors the option of transferring funds in instalments.

“In a couple of days, we will publicise the programme. The party has signed an agreement with a payment gateway for this initiative. This is the first time a political party will be offering its donors such a service,” Kumar Gaurav, AAP volunteer in-charge of the party’s donation drive, said.

Explaining the reason for launching the initiative, Gaurav said, “In the last few months, we have received suggestions from many people, who want to donate to the party, but cannot give a large sum of money in one go. Through our new programme, donors can donate an amount on a monthly or quarterly basis. It will simplify the donation process for a large section of our supporters. They will not have to fill separate forms and go through the entire process every time they want to give funds to the party.”


There are no minimum or maximum limit for transferring funds through this option, he said.

With around 30 per cent of party funds coming from NRIs, the AAP is giving them the option of remitting donations through a transfer from the donor’s account to the party’s account.

“Launched nearly 15 days ago, NRIs can give money to the party in their currencies. The earlier process, although online, was turning out to be slightly cumbersome. They used to donate through their cards and would experience problems as, at times, the bank would put restrictions on the amount and also charge a high fee for the transfer. Now, they will just have to fill a form and follow a simple process after which they will get bank details of the party and the transaction can take place easily,” Gaurav said.

Meanwhile, the party has also come up with a cheque pick-up facility from the donor’s house or workplace.

“Any of our donors can get in touch with us and we will collect their cheques from their offices or houses,” he said.