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Freebie politics row: AAP begins online campaign seeking support for ‘Bharatvaad’ instead of ‘BJP’s dostvaad’

AAP has slammed BJP for running a "dostvaadi" (favouring friends) model by waiving off loan dues of their super-rich friends worth crores of rupees.

freebie politics rowDelhi CM Arvind Kejriwal (L) lashed out at the BJP after PM Narendra Modi's revdi jibe. (File)

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Sunday started a social media campaign asking people to support ‘Bharatvaad’ (favouring the nation) instead of ‘dostvaad’, amid its accusation against the BJP of running a ‘dostvaadi’ (favouring friends) model by waiving off loan dues of their super-rich friends worth crores of rupees.

AAP leader and MLA from Rajendra Nagar Durgesh Pathak Sunday shared a post, reading, “I am a taxpayer. My tax is for India’s development. Not for loan write-offs of billionaires. Share if you support Bharatvaad not dostvaad.”

Several other party members also shared this post and asked people to support and share if they support ‘Bharatvaad’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had warned people against the dangerous ‘revri’ (sweet) culture where political parties promise freebies to win elections.

Following the freebie and free ki ‘revri’ (sweet) remark by the BJP, the Aam Aadmi Party leaders, including Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and deputy CM Manish Sisodia lashed out at the BJP and termed it as a party that does not believe in empowering the ordinary citizens through free and equal education, health and electricity to the poor. They accused the BJP of using taxpayers’ money to write off their “friends” tax and loan dues worth Rs 10 lakh crore.

Targeting PM Narendra Modi, Kejriwal earlier this week said, “People who call free welfare schemes given to ordinary citizens ‘freebies’ and ‘free ki revdi’ are the real traitors of this country.”

Meanwhile, Sisodia Friday also urged the Central Government to invest in its citizens instead of insulting the welfare schemes for the poor as freebies after the Centre said that the free schemes will destroy the country.

“The Prime Minister’s ‘Dostwaad’ has completely ruined the country’s economy. Why is taxpayer’s money being used to fill the coffers of his friends? For the first time in the last 75 years, a Central Government does not want to use the public’s tax money for education, health, electricity and water and has increased the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of basic daily essential items such as oil and wheat.”

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Sisodia had also said, “Modi Government must stop running away from the debate and explain why the economy is crippling today, why they do not have money to build schools-hospitals but can easily forgive taxes worth Rs 5 lakh crore and loans worth Rs 10 lakh crore.”

First published on: 14-08-2022 at 11:57:03 am
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