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Monday, July 23, 2018

For the Right Spice

The name says it all: FU — Better than Chinese. Located in the heart of GK-1’s M block market,the name of the new 30-cover South Asian restaurant makes a bold statement.

Written by Deepika Nath | Published: January 30, 2011 1:52:36 am

Tucked in Greater Kailash market,this restaurant perfectly balances authentic and local flavours

The name says it all: FU — Better than Chinese. Located in the heart of GK-1’s M block market,the name of the new 30-cover South Asian restaurant makes a bold statement; which is mostly true,as we found out over a weekend dinner.

Tucked inside,on the first floor,almost hidden by the surrounding shops,there is no clear indicator of the restaurant at the entrance,but it seemed that diners knew where they were heading. Upon stepping inside,one is welcomed with prayer wheels on wooden walls and modern day up-beat religious chants. Designed to fuse surreal edginess with Buddhist influences,the floor is dimly lit and has a low lying seating area,as well as a formal arrangement.

We began our meal with the 5 Spice Lamb Crystal dim sums (Rs 245) and were very amused by its appearance. The transparent covering revealed the spiced filling of the dim sum and did not look very appetising. However,our taste buds begged to differ. The dim sums were succulent and slightly dry at the same time,and the meat was soft and spicy. Although the bar is still waiting for a liquor license,their collection of interesting non-alcoholic beverages drew our attention. After a overly spicy Wasabi Virgin Mary (Rs 140) and a bland cold Chocolate Martini (Rs 135),we were ready to eat.

Not too impressed with the start er and drinks,we opted for the familiar in the main course. The order comprised Sumatran Chicken Rendang with Nasi Goreng (Rs 365) and Twice cooked Mutton with Sticky Rice (Rs 360). The menu also gives the option of six alternate pairings,apart from the ones suggested for each main course dish,which our server was well-informed about. Rendang,which is generally made with beef in Indonesia,where it originates from,has been adapted for an Indian setting with a chicken substitute. Paired with Nasi Goreng,also Indonesian style rice cooked in soy sauce,garlic and chilli,the chicken curry was seasoned with lemongrass and cooked in coconut gravy — giving it a distinctive South East Asian creamy taste and cooked to near perfection. Slightly overshadowed by the Rendang,the Twice cooked Mutton was equally flavoursome. The soft marinated mutton was slow poached and pan seared with scallions in Sichuan sauce. Paired with soft sticky rice,the chewy-tender mutton was a burst of flavours. The restaurant does provide satisfaction,with its generous portion sizes and balance of authentic flavours and local preferences.

Served with ice-cream,our dessert of Warm Chocolate Fondant (Rs 245) was the perfect end to the meal. The menu indicated a 15-minute waiting period and it is therefore advisable to order the dessert at the beginning of the meal. The smooth chocolate cake layer,with a molten interior,contrasted the texture and temperature of the cake and the ice-cream. With a burst of molten chocolate in each bite,it is not surprising that it is listed as a FU favourite.

FU- Better Than Chinese M-53,first floor,GK-1,Cost for two: Rs 1,500 (exclusive liquor and taxes) Contact: 41005221

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