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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

For stability,Parimarjan seeks to stay risk free

Armed with the Asian title and a career-high ‘live’ rating of 2660,Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi is on the upsurge.

Written by Smriti Sinha | Published: June 14, 2012 1:39:09 am

Armed with the Asian title and a career-high ‘live’ rating of 2660,Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi is on the upsurge. To keep the momentum going he is working with his former coach Evgny Vladimirov. Smriti Sinha speaks to him about preparations for the future.

You are working with your old coach,Evgeny Vladimirov again,the one who helped you become a GrandMaster. What made you get back with him this year?

I worked with him fairly regularly for 2-3 years when I was 10 years old but he had a permanent job in Kazakhstan so he couldn’t travel so often. I work with Vladimir Chuchelov otherwise but his speciality is in the variants in the opening game while Vladimirov was always known for his technical soundness so I had a few sessions with him early in the year and now I am working with him at more techniques,finishing off games and end game theory instead of just the opening theoretical part.

Could you describe how a typical session with him is like and what all are you working with him on?

He is not a hard taskmaster,he prefers to not put more than 6-7 hours a day,they are divided into two equal halves and then I try to workout in the gym. We usually pick one of the games I played recently and he analyses the moves which cost me and my problem areas. He is helping with my assessment issues and trying to get to the equation behind my mistakes. Then we also realised that sometimes my problematic moves were based simply on bad calculations,so he is trying to enhance my understanding of situations. At this level I have to be as technically sound as tactical,and he is adding in the technique department.

You will be facing tougher opponents post your 2660 ELO. Is there any change in your style you wish to adopt?

I was aiming at stability all along as I had been pretty reckless off late so the only change I want to see set in comfortably is playing safe. I’m not taking as many risks as I was taking before and so far that hasn’t backfired. Sometimes I used to play only risky chess and the problem with that was it may work brilliantly in one or two games but when it doesn’t you undergo a bad loss and in chess the problem is if one move is horribly bad,it’s very difficult to make a comeback. You can’t salvage risky chess.

What are the other conclusions you have drawn from your wins in May and things you are looking to improve.

The negatives were that both the games I lost (in Vietnam) were based on assessing the positions wrongly. That has to change,being outplayed in a tournament twice is not something I can afford now. Then in China I would say though 6.5/8 was not a bad finish my finishes were not very clean,inaccuracies were setting in and that could be because of lack of stamina as well so I have to get physically sharper as well.

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