Foot in mouth

Abdul Karim Tunda,who is allegedly a member of terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba,a reporter wanted to know about Tunda training Pakistani children to use weapons.

Published: September 2, 2013 2:25:56 am

At a police briefing after the arrest of Abdul Karim Tunda,who is allegedly a member of terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba,a reporter wanted to know about Tunda training Pakistani children to use weapons. He asked,“What was the approximate strength of the batches that received arms training in the madrasas?” A police officer replied: “Tunda used to train the youth in Jihad,it is not same as a Delhi University classroom,which has limited seats for a particular course.”

Under the scanner

Two incidents of wives killing their husbands in Ghaziabad has prompted what senior police officers are referring to as “needless hanky-panky”. After the second incident was reported on Friday morning,police said worried husbands contacted police,asking about personal safety. While some police officers found the enquiries amusing,others deemed it a needless irritant. Police sources indicate that some of these worried husbands might be perpetrators of domestic violence. A senior police officer said the matter was being looked into,discreetly.

Lean week

After over three dozen vehicles were burnt and destroyed on the NH-8 by an angry mob that thought vehicles were transporting cows for slaughter,the outrage was obvious among the owners of various dhabas along the highway. With traffic coming to a standstill for most of Friday,dhaba owners explained that business had been very poor. “People don’t want to sit for long to have a meal after being stuck in a jam for hours,” a dhaba owner said. He and his counterparts are preparing for a lean week,as police sources hinted that the situation is likely to remain tense for a few days.

Political mileage

As Jawaharlal Nehru University gears for polls,in the last month of its term,the union woke up to certain urgent needs and some forgotten poll promises. As is the norm,a hunger strike was called and apart from the 10 students who went without food for about 10 days,others kept joining and leaving as part of something called a “relay hunger strike”. The idea was to push the administration to increase the amount allocated to students under the merit-cum-means scholarship. The strike was called off as student’s health started deteriorating and administration refused to budge. In the last week before elections,the union tried to pull through one last demonstration and decided to march to the Parliament. Students gathered at Vijay Chowk and in less than 10 minutes police detained them. Some of had barely stepped out of their buses. Thus ended the term of the JNU students’ union.

Don’t be late

Bureaucrats and journalists were taught a lesson on punctuality during a recent function attended by Vice President Hamid Ansari and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. The programme began at 11.30 am and guests who arrived even a minute later were politely asked to wait till Ansari’s speech — scheduled at the end — concluded. The waiting list included senior journalists and at least two bureaucrats of the director and commissioner rank. However,a Delhi Cabinet minister,who arrived at least 45 minutes late,was promptly allowed inside while journalists and bureaucrats who tried to follow her in were again politely asked to wait.

Prominent patients

Last week,a doctor in the AIIMS Cardiology department was in a tight spot,with admission of two well-known patients — alleged LeT operative Tunda and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Dr Nitesh Naik,who is also the Prime Minister’s physician,was part of the team that conducted the pacemaker implant surgery on Tunda. Naik was also called in to examine Gandhi,during her six-hour stay at the hospital. “Dr Naik’s VIP patients thankfully had two floors between them… and what was more of a relief was that Soniaji was released immediately after the tests. Imagine the doctor’s predicament if she had stayed longer,and he would have to divide his time between two VIPs,” a faculty member from the Cardio-Neuro tower,where both patients were admitted,said.

Surprise checks

Ever since his appointment as police chief,Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi has been meeting with officers in several departments. A Special Cell inspector was rushing downstairs in the headquarters,when he nearly collided with Bassi. A few days later,Bassi visited the PRO’s office to see if the personnel had any problems. He even checked the coffee machine to see if it working.

Security issue

A large number of men from the Jat community had gathered at the Patiala House courts on Friday for a hearing against 87 men arrested during a protest by the community earlier this month. With alleged IM terrorist Yasin Bhatkal due to be produced in court on the same day,the security personnel on duty seemed worried about the presence of such a huge number of people. When the group left the court, policemen on duty heaved a sigh of relief.

Trading charges

The Standing Committee meeting of North Municipal Corporation turned in to a battleground for BJP and Congress councillors as both traded allegations of harbouring ambition of fighting Assembly elections. Leader of Opposition Mukesh Goel warned Standing Committee chairperson Ram Kishan Singhal against entering his ward without his knowledge. “You harbour ambition of fighting Assembly elections from the seat,but next time you come unannounced in our area you can come at your own risk,” Goel said. Singhal also alleged that Goel had been thinking of fighting elections from the seat.

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