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Friday, July 20, 2018

Fire and Ice

A new resto-bar in south Delhi honours Bacchus with a fiery lineup of bar food.

Published: April 20, 2013 2:44:04 am

Entering through the dark tinted glass doors (with nary a wedge-waving cop in sight) of Firefly,it was like stepping back in time. Back to our halcyon days of illicitly entering pubs (being of school and then college age in a city where one can have children before being considered old enough to drink beer),school clothes stuffed in bags,and faint bristle growing on our upper lips. We would furtively order adult libations and,at a relatively low price,enjoy an afternoon or evening’s progressive befuddlement. Cut to the present. The space is small and intimate,with comfortable leather seating,the bar takes up one half of the restaurant-bar,while the other wall is dominated by photographs of luminaries such as singers Jim Morisson and Kurt Cobain,grand prix racer Ayrton Senna,and actor Madhubala,the “fireflies”,from which the place gets its name. The prices of the drinks we are pleased to see is unlikely to have us missing the good old days. The music is a soothing mix of songs that would find pride of place in the iPod (or was it CD player) of a 90’s teenager.

We are glad to discover a small note saying that apart from wines,soft drinks and shakes,all other beer and alcohol,including cocktails,are served at two-for-one prices,all day every day. All hail Dionysus (and the management). Out of an interesting list of signature cocktails,we choose the Cinnachilli Caprioska. The cinnamon-infused vodka,muddled with fresh chillies,brown sugar,and lemonade is interesting,and to cinnamon and chilli cultists like us,a combination we can drink to. Which we do.

We peruse the food menu,a pleasant litany of finger and bar foods from around the world. Hence,Mezze platters recline next to Amritsari Machchi while bhajias and pakoras jostle for attention against crispy lotus stems and potato skins. Chicken wings,that sacrosanct bar food,is available in four types of marinations,accompanied with four options of sauces. Without further ado we order a few things and sink into a reverie. The bhajias we order in an unusual fit of patriotism. Who would have thought a spinach and onion batter covered savory would make for an excellent bar snack? Apparently our inner snob didn’t but is suitably abashed. The wings are also well-seasoned and tender,with the corn crusted variety walking away with the honors. However,the dish that most dominates our attention is the fries with lamb chilli. The salted,crisp fries are complemented by the marinated lamb mince,like a Quentin Tarantino movie by Christoph Waltz. Flawless.

Meal for two: Rs 1,500 (with alcohol and taxes)

Address: Shop 1 & 16,India Mall,New Friends Colony

Contact: 41680099

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