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Femme Ville

An exhibition on feminism and deconstruction.

At the Art Heritage Gallery in Triveni Kala Sangam are artworks and installations themed on feminism with various representations of the female form. The exhibition,“Feminist Mappings”,includes works by two artists,Neena Nehru and Anita Tiwary. Nehru’s artwork focuses on the concept of femininity and deconstructing generalisations surrounding women. “Ultimately,how you view women is how you treat them. In art,women have only been represented in two extreme forms,either as beautiful objects or as victims,” says Nehru.

The artwork is divided into three sections,where the first two are a series of paintings. The series amalgamates female anatomy and nature using landscapes,trees and leaves. There are also a bunch of androgynous,sketched portraits,where the gender of the person can’t be determined. Conceptually,the series uses techniques that we have seen before,but the usage of earthy colours sets the requisite tone.

The third section of the exhibition includes two installations that stand out for their originality. Revolving Roles is a four-cubed revolving structure,with four separate hand-painted pictures of women in each cube,which are made of hardboard cutouts. Revolving each of the cubes one gets different permutations,indicating that there is more than one type of woman. Nehru also has on display a board of 52 tiny multimedia paintings of different women from all walks of life. There are pop-art images,including that of Marilyn Monroe,female figures in dance poses and images of women deities. She calls the installation Game of Cards,comparing it to reality where you can’t tell which feminine trait will be given to you. “Feminine qualities are seldom celebrated in art. Women are shown to be strong only in mythological works or comic books. My art encourages a celebration of everything feminine and a debasement of any sort of stereotype,” says Nehru.

The exhibition is on display at Art Heritage Gallery,Triveni Kala Sangam till May 24.

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