Family’s ex-driver held for Ghaziabad murders

Family’s ex-driver held for Ghaziabad murders

Police claim the 22-year-old single-handedly killed seven after a child identified him.

A 22-year-old man was arrested by Crime Branch late on Wednesday night for murdering seven members of a family at their home in Nai Basti area,Ghaziabad. Police claimed he murdered the entire family single-handedly,but questions remained (see box below).

Neighbours had alerted police on Tuesday morning after they found the bodies of Satish Goel (62),his wife Manju (60),son Sachin (40),daughter-in-law Rekha (38) and three grandchildren — Medha (13),Honey (11) and Aman (10).

Police said the neighbours saw that the main door of the house was ajar and went in to check on the family.

According to police,Rahul Verma worked as a driver for the Goels and had fled the house 12 days ago with Rs 4.5 lakh. Since the Goels did not file a police complaint,Rahul found the courage to return to the house to steal more money.


Bhavesh Kumar Singh,Inspector General (Meerut Range),said,“Rahul worked as a driver for the family for close to six months. He went missing 12 days ago,and Rs 4.5 lakh also could not be traced. But they did not file a criminal complaint.”

A businessman,Satish had interest in food products and property.

Police claim Rahul murdered the seven single-handedly and he had returned to the house with an intention to rob. But he got scared that the members would identify him,he decided to kill them.

“Rahul knew the layout of the house. He did not use the front door as he knew that there were CCTV cameras on the shops near the house. So,he climbed a godown behind the house and jumped to the second-floor balcony of the house,” a senior officer said.

Police said Rahul bought a knife from Sihani Gate on Monday and planned to use it to threaten the family members.

During questioning,Rahul told police that he waited on the godown for an hour as the children were playing in the balcony.

“He climbed the godown around 7.30 pm,thinking that the men would not be at home at the time. He jumped from the godown to the balcony — a drop of around 11 feet. In the process,he injured his foot,which has a minor fracture,” Singh said.

Police claim from this point on,Rahul’s plan fell through. “The cloth he had wrapped around his face to conceal his identity,came undone during the jump. Medha,who was with her mother in the bedroom adjacent to the balcony,identified Rahul,” an officer said.

Police claimed Rahul first killed Medha and Rekha in the bedroom. When Sachin came up,after hearing the cries for help,Rahul stabbed him while he was still on the staircase. Police said due to attack,Sachin fell down and landed in the corridor below.

“The next victim was Satish and then he killed the two other children. In the end,he killed Satish’s wife,” the officer said. Then,police said,Rahul ransacked the house.

Anil Kaparwan,Inspector (Crime Branch) who arrested Rahul,said: “He took a ring from Sachin’s finger,some bangles and around Rs 5,000 in cash. He opened all the cupboards and went through them. When a neighbour called around 9 pm to check on the commotion,Rahul received the call and said the argument was over a personal matter. He left through the front door because he knew that the CCTV cameras would be switched off by then.”

A forensic team is working to match the footprints found in house with Rahul’s.

“Rahul claims he stole Rs 2 lakh from the family earlier and not Rs 4.5 lakh. He said he gave Rs 1 lakh to someone,and kept Rs 1 lakh. We will look at the possibility of others being involved,” a senior officer said.

Too many blanks to fill

n How did a man,with a fracture in leg,kill seven people

n Why did no family member call for outside help

n Why did Rahul Verma leave money and jewellery behind,if his intention was to rob


n In the closely packed neighbourhood,no one saw Rahul leave through front door