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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Face Off with Reality

Mishra has painted a plate and a wine glass placed on a table, filled with coins instead of food.

Written by Pallavi Chattopadhyay | Published: April 11, 2014 9:48:49 am
The Homemaker by Saudamini Mishra. The Homemaker by Saudamini Mishra.

The tale of king Midas, one of the most recognisable myths from ancient Greece, where a greedy king is given the ability to turn everything he touches into gold, is one of the most familiar stories from childhood. Delhi-based artist Saudamini Mishra sought inspiration from this story for her painting The Midas Touch which is part of the “Visual Avalanche” exhibition at Visual Arts gallery in India Habitat Centre.

Mishra has painted a plate and a wine glass placed on a table, filled with coins instead of food. The 23-year-old artist says, “If everyone starts wishing for the same thing, in the hope that everything they touch turns into money, then even the food they eat will turn into money. You cannot eat money. Everywhere, people are seen running after money today.” “Visual Avalanche” is a reflection on the various socio-cultural environment existing in society, through a collection of more than 50 paintings, sculptures and photographs by seven contemporary artists.

One of Mishra’s other painting titled The Homemaker, uses hyperrealism to show a woman rolling out a large circular one rupee coin instead of a roti. “I have tried to bring out the dual role a woman plays today, where she is both, the breadwinner and the caregiver of the family. It depicts the current economic position of a woman,” she says.

Bringing in the social aspect are the set of photographs by artist Amit Bhatia, who has photographed eunuchs in Vrindavan dressed as Krishna during Holi. They look happy as they play with colours, even while an onlooking unruly crowd makes fun of them. It shows how they choose to live with pride, undeterred by circumstances, instead of being victims.

The exhibition is on at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, till today. Contact: 43662025

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