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Eight days on, one arrested for assaulting two NE women

The arrested man has been identified as Prem Chand.

Eight days after the case was first reported, the Delhi Police on Sunday arrested one person for allegedly beating up two women in the Kotla Mubarakpur area of South Delhi.

The arrested man has been identified as Prem Chand.

This is the second case involving  Northeast residents where police have taken action only after the incident was reported by the media.

On January 24, the two women had gone to a shop in Kotla Mubarakpur.

The women alleged that a man, who was walking his employer’s dog in the area, let the dog loose. The dog ran to the women, and as a result the leash got entangled around the legs of one of them.


The woman told police that as she tried to free herself, Prem Chand, the owner of the dog, rushed to the spot and beat the women. The women alleged that Prem Chand was accompanied by others.

According to the women, Prem Chand and his associates also made derogatory remarks and slapped them. They claimed that one of their male friends, who tried to help them, was also beaten up.

The women claimed that when they approached police with a complaint, they refused to register an FIR. According to the women,  a phone call from a senior IPS officer forced the police to register a case and take action.

But the Delhi Police denied allegations of laxity, claiming that a case was registered on the day of the incident itself.

“The case was registered on January 24 and on January 29, a supplementary statement was taken and more stringent sections of the IPC and SC/ST Act  were added to the FIR. It took time for police to establish the identity of the accused. Basically, this is a case of an altercation between two groups over a dog, which was accidentally let loose. This incident should not be given the colour of racial discrimination,” Rajan Bhagat, PRO of Delhi Police, said on Sunday.