Down to Earth

Down to Earth

If you walk into the first floor of the Apparao Gallery at The Aman,be prepared to be baffled for a moment.

If you walk into the first floor of the Apparao Gallery at The Aman,be prepared to be baffled for a moment. Inside the dimly lit hallways of the gallery,one comes across a wildly unusual collection comprising huge utensils,strings,seeds and fabrics. A short walk further,and you’ll see clothes,jewellery and artwork adorning the walls. This unusual combination of art,fashion and nature,a part of the ongoing India Design Forum,forms “The Earth Seed”,an ongoing exhibition that attempts to explore the relationship between the earth and womb through art and fashion.

Drawing inspiration from indigo,arguably the oldest recorded natural dye in the world,designers Aneeth Arora,Anamika Khanna,Neeru Kumar,Anjali Kalia,Kavita Bhartia,and Gaurav Gupta have come together and created garments exploring the relationship of the body with the “earth’s womb”.

Blown glass bowls,delicate paper sculptures,and scattered indigo seeds dot the hallways of the gallery,trying to tell the story of the ancient dye. “After being in the business for so many years,it was a pleasant change for me to work on a story line that spans across 5000 years,” said Bhartiya. “I was inspired by ‘Royal India’ and wanted to bring the focus on sustaining the arts and crafts,which were also used at that time. Through this collection,I’ve tried to use as much indigo printing and tie-dye as possible,combining it with a lot of embroidery,” she explained,adding that each designer has worked with the inspiration of the core of the earth in terms of design and structure.

Trying to bring focus to nature,artists Anjali Srinivasan,Binita Perciyal and Madhavi Subramaniam,have explored the simple receptacles of everyday use for their artwork. Jin Kuyong Kim and Surekha,both full-time artists have dealt with femininity from different angles. While Kim has used ceramic and porcelain,Surekha has used paper and fibre.

The exhibition is on till March 24,at Apparao Galleries,Aman,New Delhi.