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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Do you believe in New Year resolutions?

Another year has passed and,today,we have entered a New Year. I hope the New Year will fulfill our wishes.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 16, 2012 2:59:36 am

This week,Quest asked its readers if they believe in New Year resolutions. While a few said making resolutions does not necessarily require a new year,others held that they did not mind the concept as long as the consequences were good.

Another year has passed and,today,we have entered a New Year. I hope the New Year will fulfill our wishes. And like all years,we start this year with our New Year resolutions,which are a popular annual tradition that often include the same resolutions over and over. Even though we swear that this is the year that we will eat better,exercise regularly and follow our big dreams it never seems to materialise. It’s easy to blame our stressful life,lack of time or money,but in reality,the real reason that most of our resolutions fail is lack of energy. This year,I have made a decision to follow my heart and fulfill my resolutions. My resolutions for this year are many in number. They vary from exercising regularly to contribute my bit to the environment. Most importantly,I have made a resolution to put extra effort in making my each day more special.

Siddhant Patra,IX-A Springdales School,Dhaula Kuan

2012,It is a year of prospects and happiness. In 2011,prices rose. It is a world phenomenon today — inflation is affecting every section of our society. The prices of almost all essential goods went up. We can’t control this. My new year resolution is to do better than the previous year. I should improve my ordinary skills as my final exams are just coming. Every New Year,we should do something new,like performing small experiments in science,making inventions without taking any help,or writing novels. In India,corruption is growing day by day,but we should put our minds only to studies. January is the luckiest month of the year for me. I get good marks and stand first or second. I want to start my New Year by praying to God,asking him to please give me knowledge and the will to stand first.

Udatta Chowdhury,VI-C,Pragati Public School,Dwarka

A New Year’s resolution is the commitment that a person makes to one or more personal projects,or reforming himself. People committing themselves to a New Year’s resolution generally plan to do so for the whole year. But is it necessary that every person is following his/her resolution? Well,I don’t think so. Many people resolve to become polite or clear all their disputes,lose weight or,most commonly,say “no to smoking and drinking”. The list is endless,only 17 per cent of the people are able to fulfill their resolutions. My first list started with the usual,“Do the dishes without being asked,” “Be nicer to my sister — no more fighting,” and “Clean up my room and make my bed without being told”. By the time I was a few years older,I had begun to enlarge my scope to include wishing for “world peace and goodwill to all people”. I’m still not sure how I thought I would achieve that,but it seemed a satisfyingly lofty goal to a twelve-year-old. Many of us make resolutions out of a sincere desire to improve ourselves and our lives. Usually,we have every intention of keeping them,but we often make the goals so difficult to achieve that we grow discouraged and give up.

Shivani Dogra ,X-C Pragati Public School,Dwarka

Honestly,I don’t actually believe in making New Year resolutions. I mean we don’t have to wait for the New Year to come to make any promise to ourselves. But since it’s like a ritual that we have been following for past so many years,when I gave a second thought to it this time,I realised that though we don’t stick to our promises for more than a month or two,New Year is still a time when we are compelled to reflect back and identify what went wrong. And to rectify that mistake of ours,we make a resolution that is supposed to last longer. It is an opportunity to test our determination and willpower. Thus,to test my willpower,I have made two resolutions: one is to never give up and face every challenge that comes my way,and the second is to follow my first New Year resolution.

Suramya Agrwal,X-A St Mary’s School,Safdarjung Enclave

A human being can only work when he has well defined goals to fulfill in his life. Yes,I believe in resolutions. No one does any of his work without reason. He starts a certain task and manages to complete it only when he has the ambition to complete it. If we have a dream or a goal in our life and we actually work hard towards it,then even nature helps us to fulfill it. No one can stop us from reaching our goals. It has been predicted by many,that 2012 will bring about total destruction in our world. Human beings have played with nature,and now nature will take revenge. Global warming is said to be the major reason for disasters that befall our world. My New Year resolution is to protect and preserve the environment . This year,I will try to go totally eco-friendly . My best try would be to do maximum possible things to save the environment from getting ruined. My major practices would be to plant trees,stop wastage of paper,stop laminations and to spread this message among everyone to change their habits towards environment. I will also support and help protect endangered species. A resolution can make lasting changes in our life and help make the world a better place.

Chandni Nangia,X-A Springdales School,Dhaula Kuan

The year has passed away, and all the things I had planned passed away with the year. Now comes the time to improve myself in the new year. Children start making their New Year resolutions,but do we achieve any success,or conveniently forget working on them? I also made a New Year resolution for the year 2011. But to see the change,let us compare my New Year resolution 2011 with ones of 2012. In 2011,I set a goal for myself to do very well in mathematics. With great hard work,I succeeded,whereas this year I have decided to improve in social science,now let’s see if I am able to achieve my goal or not. Every year I used to argue a lot with my teachers,however this year i have decided to control myself. I have learnt a little self control over the year. In 2012,I have also planned not to become too fat — instead,stay healthy and keep myself fit. In 2011,I took studies casually but now in 2012,I would study properly as it would help me get my desired stream. The list ends up here,and now the machine would star working on them and achieve them.

Angad Singh,IX St Mary’s School,Safdarjung Enclave

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