Dengue case count 5,115,highest in three years

Dengue case count 5,115,highest in three years

Total count this year has seen a sharp spike from 2012 and 2011.

With over 100 cases detected in the city in the past few days,the number of dengue patients this year crossed 5,000,following a lull over the past two weeks.

Till November 16,there were 5,115 dengue cases in the capital,according to data collected by Delhi’s civic officials.

After 2010,when over 6,000 dengue cases had been reported in the capital,this is the highest number of cases seen in the last five years. The total count this year has seen a sharp spike from 2012 and 2011,when 2,093 and 1,131 dengue cases were reported with four and eight deaths,respectively.

Municipal officials said intermittent rains seen till the last week of October,were responsible for the continuing reports of dengue cases. “Temperatures have started dipping,but due to continued rains in the last three months or so,there has been a lot of mosquito breeding. We have been trying to intensify fumigation efforts,but in spite of that cases are continuing (to rise),” a senior official from the South corporation said.


He said cases had dipped immediately after Diwali due to the smog and a dip in temperatures. “We had expected dengue cases to drop much faster after Diwali,but since the cases are continuing we are continuing our prevention activities,” he explained.

The North Municipal Corporation has reported the highest number of dengue cases (2,057),followed by South (1,523) and East (1336) corporations.

North corporation has also seen three suspected deaths from the virus,and one confirmed death. Authorities said North corporation officials had been asked to stay alert because of the continuing reports of dengue cases. As many as 66 patients from neighbouring states have tested positive for the virus in Delhi hospitals.

Six deaths have been confirmed from the virus this year — all patients who tested positive for the antigen or antibody test for dengue,through the ELISA technology.

Another nine patients who died of symptoms of the virus,but tested positive only through rapid diagnostic kits,have been included as suspected dengue deaths,as authorities are still awaiting confirmatory diagnostic tests using the ELISA technology.