Delhi Underground:Candy Crush time

Delhi Underground:Candy Crush time

It’s Candy Crush season at the Delhi Secretariat.

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A sadhu clicks a picture of his friend during their visit to the capital on Sunday. (Source: Express Photo by Ravi Kanojia)

It’s Candy Crush season at the Delhi Secretariat. Employees can be seen playing Candy Crush on their computers when not working – some do it openly, others do it away from the public gaze. Some admit to be addicted to the game. An employee, playing the game, smiled at a visitor, saying it was a habit that was hard to kick.

No stunt
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked for the ACs in his new residence to be removed and he isn’t using them in his office either. Sources close to him said he was not in the habit of using an AC and this was no stunt. A source close to him said, “Even when it’s very hot, he doesn’t use the AC. I told him that until he uses the AC, I won’t go and meet him. His secretary has now fixed a regulator in his office.”


No WiFi connection
The Noida Authority was supposed to install routers to ensure WiFi connectivity on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway by March 15. However, it couldn’t. Officials admitted that the project – which has missed a number of deadlines – has run into technical hurdles. “We are facing problems with respect to getting the right connectivity,” an official said, promising that the ambitious project will be completed soon.

Nobody’s children
Police at the New Delhi railway station were not surprised by the story about how a tweet on three children stranded at the station alerted police, who then traced the children and reunited them with their mother. A policeman at Paharganj police station said, “This is nothing new. We find scores of children every day and try to unite them with their parents. Unable to take care of them, many people abandon their children at the station.”


Reality check
In the standing committee meeting of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, several BJP councillors came up with complaints from their areas. The councillors said if the corporation failed to address basic public issues, it would be difficult for them to go back to the people for re-election. To this, Opposition leader Mukesh Goel said, “At least, the recent elections helped the BJP realise that it can lose. Now, they make more noise than us.” In the run-up to the Delhi Assembly elections, BJP councillors had repeatedly said that while the party was in majority in the municipal corporations as well as in Parliament, it was a matter of time before the party formed the government in Delhi.

Leading by example
Health Minister Satyendra Jain told students of mental health sciences that nursing grudges was not good for one’s mental health. He cited an example, “When I was young, my father hit me and my cousin a number of times. I always held this against him because even when I topped my class, he hit both me and my cousin because my cousin wouldn’t study. Only after I grew up, I asked him why he hit me. He then told me that in our culture before you slap your sister’s child, you had to slap your own first.”

Unique problem
Barring the Lok Sabha elections, the concentration of AAP leaders has clearly been in the national capital. The crucial National Council meeting scheduled on March 28 has brought a new problem. With over 350 members from across the country likely to be here for the meeting, many leaders in Delhi have little knowledge about who they are or which state they are from. “It doesn’t help when you are trying to rally opinion,” a leader said.

Good job
A police team of central district that solved a robbery-cum-murder case was in for a surprise when the special commissioner of police (law and order) not only praised them, but also treated them at the police headquarters cafeteria. He asked his staff to take all the team members to the canteen, where they had tea and snacks.

Crores worth stationery
Employees at the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon seem to be in love with the stationery they use. The civic body, in its budget draft 2015-16, has increased its budget allocation on stationery like books, periodicals, pen drives and printing material from Rs 40 lakh in 2014-15 to Rs 5 crore. The draft will be discussed this week.