Delhi Underground: Tech-savvy judiciary

Delhi Underground: Tech-savvy judiciary

With the court of the acting Chief Justice turning into an e-court,judges have begun encouraging lawyers and litigants to submit all paperwork in digital format and take copies of paperwork on CDs

With the court of the acting Chief Justice turning into an e-court,judges have begun encouraging lawyers and litigants to submit all paperwork in digital format and take copies of paperwork on CDs.In fact,during a hearing in a seven-year-old PIL on Thursday,the acting Chief Justice even asked lawyers to store case files on their laptops and iPads so that searching for them was made easier. But,just two minutes later,a senior lawyer was seen scolding his junior for keeping his tablet phone switched on during the proceedings.

Plant project

look out for new trees and shrubs in your neighbourhood as the Delhi government begins its yearly rainy season plantation. The Parks and Gardens Society is preparing to plant nearly 2 lakh plants across the Capital as this is the time when plants grow fast,Dr S D Singh,the chief officer of the society,said. This year,planters are working in collaboration with RWAs to make the city greener. Besides,the Department of Environment has also begun a new campaign to give away about 5 lakh saplings for anyone eager to plant them.

Change of expression

After former Jamia vice-chancellor Najeeb Jung was announced the next Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi,his JMI office was flooded by officials who had come to congratulate him. The first to arrive was Sandeep Dikshit,followed by Chief Secretary Deepak Mohan Spolia and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. It was hours before Jung could address the media. During the address,Jung was asked about the suspension of teachers during his tenure,reportedly the highest for any vice-chancellor of the university. Appearing nonchalant,Junge said they were “firings”,and not suspensions. This came as a surprise,as Jung had always maintained that the teachers had been removed as per due procedure.

Dairy woes

Dairy owners,who have been displaced from various parts of city to Ghogha diary,have not been provided facilities that they were promised. It was not just that the dairy was lacking in basic facilities such water and electricity,the roof of the animal shelter disintegrated during last week’s thunderstorm. When the temporary roof fell,it injured few people working in the diary. There is also a trench around the diary,which has posed a huge problem as as cattle and goats keep falling into it. “I called for a JCB machine to lift a cow out of the trench. A wall needs to be build to prevent the animals from falling in,” Mohan Prasad Bhardwaj,a councillor of the North corporation said.

Good samaritans


Senior Noida police officers were flooded with phone calls,after local journalists found a man sleeping inside a police post,with the door bolted from the outside. Presuming this was another case of the police holding a petty criminal without actually arresting or detaining him,a journalists made a series of phone calls to police officers. However,it turned out that the man,who had suffered from a hearstroke,has requested the policemen to let him use in the room for sometime. When the policemen had then gone out to get tea,they had bolted the door from outside to ensure that their belongings inside were safe. Hours later,local TV channels ran stories of how police post officials had acted like good samaritans.

Passing the buck

The representatives of the RWA in Gurgaon were a little miffed over police’s ambitious domestic workers’ registration security plan. The representatives felt that police was shirking responsibility by asking the RWAs to verify the details of domestic workers. However,a officer of the police station that was handling the registration forms said directions given to the RWAs were clear and that there was no reason for residents to be angry.