Delhi Underground: Move on,says HC,let resolved PILs lie

“Move on” was the message handed out by the Acting Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court to all the people with a penchant for filing Public Interest Litigations in court.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 23, 2012 2:08:26 am

Move on,says HC,let resolved PILs lie

“Move on” was the message handed out by the Acting Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court to all the people with a penchant for filing Public Interest Litigations (PIL) in court. Justice A K Sikri was adjudicating a PIL concerning unmanned railway crossings in the country when the counsel for the Railways came up with a comprehensive government plan to prevent fatalities due to such crossings. While the court seemed satisfied with the plan,Sugriva Dubey,the counsel for a petitioner who had brought forth several PILs in the past,insisted that the matter should continue. “We think that when an issue gets a solution,the PIL-ist should move on. They should come back to court with other significant concerns,instead of lingering on an old matter,” said Justice Sikri. Getting the message,Dubey agreed that the PIL should be disposed of. He also assured the bench that he would come back with other issues of public interest.

Message from Home: Bury the hatchet

After reports of the tug-of-war between the Mumbai ATS and the Delhi Police special team over Naquee Ahmed,a leather factory owner from Delhi,reached the Home ministry,it asked the two agencies to patch up and focus on nabbing Yasin Bhatkal — which was their original mission. Ahmed was arrested by the Mumbai ATS for allegedly arranging a one-room tenement for Bhatkal and two Pakistanis in Byculla (East). The Delhi Police,however,claims that Ahmed was their informer,and an important lead to nabbing Bhatkal.

Polls nearing,they have ears to EC wall

Even as the state Election Commission goes about its work of chalking out the final list of wards and their status,councillors vying for tickets for the upcoming municipal polls are busy doing a little more than just the math. Many claim to have insiders in the Election Commission,who have been updating them on seats that have been reserved for women or people from Scheduled Castes/ Tribes. One of the councillors said that he would have to rethink his entire strategy because the criteria for reservation had reportedly been changed by the Election Commissioner. The councillors have even listed out three criteria,through which the Commission could finalise the status of the ward.

While driving drunk,it’s not who you know

When caught for flouting traffic rules,this motorcyclist tried to squeeze his way out of the tight situation by dropping the name of a Delhi Police constable. Not only did the stunt fail to work,it also left him feeling very foolish. Stopped for riding triples during an anti-drunk driving drive organised by the Traffic Police,he flatly refused to subject himself to the alcometer test,claiming that the personnel would have hell to pay if his “contact” came to know about the incident. Nevertheless,the undeterred policemen forced the man to take the test,which came out positive. Seeing that the Traffic inspector was about to give him a challan,the man pulled out his phone and started making frantic calls. The drama came to an end when a man,who happened to be observing him from a distance,asked the biker to name the officer he claimed to know so well. The man confidently mentioned a constable’s name,stating that the police cannot book him because “he is very powerful”. The confidence,however,vanished in thin air when the man smilingly introduced himself as Satyendra Garg,the Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic). Conceding defeat,the motorcyclist allowed the police to impound the vehicle and proceeded to hoof it home with his two friends.

He nabbed Bunty chor,got tea and praises

A confident personnel of the Madhya Pradesh Police,who came to the Delhi Police headquarters last week to collect his reward for arresting notorious gangster Bunty chor,had to return empty handed. The cop had come all the way from Indore to collect a reward of Rs 50,000 for nabbing the super thief. However,as luck would have it,the cop’s demand for the reward was politely turned down by Delhi Police officers,who told him that the reward had been cancelled after Bunty supposedly reformed himself at Tihar Jail. A cup of tea and a few pats on his back were all that the cop managed to get as his reward.

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