Delhi Underground: Meticulous records

Delhi Underground: Meticulous records

Holy Family Hospital,which is celebrating its diamond jubilee,has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers.

Holy Family Hospital,which is celebrating its diamond jubilee,has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries,the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as “baby Sonia Gandhi” in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi,then 23 years old,gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm. She was admitted to the hospital at 9.10 am the same day. Priyanka was born on 12.1.1972 at 5.05 pm. Both were examined by paediatrician Dr P N Taneja. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the hospital in a one-page note that has now been printed as a souvenir of the hospital,produced for its diamond jubilee.

In their own trap

After lashing out at the Congress and BJP for taking part in vote-bank politics,the Aam Aadmi Party seems to have fallen in its own trap. After coming up with Muslim and Sikh cells,AAP’s recent survey also categorised voters based on caste and religion. When asked if this was not akin to engaging in the kind of politics that it claimed to fight,a party member said,“We are not exploiting these communities like the other parties,we are trying to understand issues specific to certain communities.”

Equality for all

In a meeting held with representatives of political parties,the Delhi Election Office on Friday heard a unanimous complaint of harassment by police. Election officials said the police were merely doing their job and treating the political leaders like “any other citizen” for a change. “Be it the ruling party or any other,no one can expect a preferential treatment by the police,and that is what is happening,” an official said. To facilitate the process of taking permission for conducting rallies has been made easier,and the election commission has asked police to give permission based on a fixed format for everyone,rather than receiving applications for permission from individuals.

Keeping the peace

Noida police’s current problem is cows,or rather abandoned cows. Two such incidents in less than two months have sparked off major violence and in both cases cows were abandoned on roads near Jat-dominated villages. The villagers thought that the cows were meant for slaughter,sparking off violence. Noida police are,however,convinced that these are deliberate attempts to spark off communal tension,but evidence is still sparse.



With almost all senior leaders in the Bharatiya Janata Party claiming to be in the race for the chief ministerial candidate,the post has now become the butt of all jokes within the party. Office bearers in the Delhi unit were heard suggesting that only Modi can save Delhi BJP and now that he has developed Gujarat,he should come to Delhi and become Delhi chief minister before becoming PM. “With no strong candidate to match Dikshit,I think Modi should contest from Delhi and after becoming CM of Delhi,he can always go ahead and become the PM. But he should at least save Delhi BJP from this embarrassment,” a leader said.

Think before you write

The role of a personal assistant is to note everything his boss says,verbatim. At least that’s how it appears to be with the Delhi Police. Recently,a senior police officer was going through a file to be signed by a Delhi government official. He saw that the file had the name of the wrong officer — one who had been transferred around a month ago. He called in his PA and said: “Likho (write). Book a third class ticket for me and send me to an ashram.” The PA diligently jotted down what his boss said before realising that it was a sarcastic comment. He didn’t have the courage to laugh,so he just stared at the ground. The officer reprimanded the PA for the error and said he himself would have lost his job if that paper was allowed to pass.

No morning walks

West Delhi’s Mundka police sub-division has been very busy,with work starting as early as 6 am. For the past 10 days,the area has been receiving PCR calls for murder,rape,attempt to murder and robbery starting from 6 am till late night. All senior officers,including the DCP and Additional DCPs have had to give up their morning walks and report straight to the spot. One senior officer was overheard saying,“We have been reporting to the spot early morning for the past 10 days. What is wrong with the area? I guess we should call a pandit and organise a hawan at the police station.”

Not as planned

The dove and the olive branch as a symbol of peace traces its lineage to Judeo-Christian texts,but this symbolic reiteration during the Dussehra celebrations at Subhash Maidan last Sunday did not go as planned. Firstly,no one wanted to actually release the birds. Both Sheila Dikshit and Kapil Sibal politely declined the offer. And when the birds did finally take to the sky,they flew a short distance before huddling together not very far from the stage,seemingly preferring their bondage to the noise of the Dussehra night sky. The birds stayed on even after the dignitaries left the stage.