Delhi Underground: Dull after rollback

Many students, who took the entrance for the BMS programme, were “clueless” about the FYUP controversy.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 7, 2014 1:33:07 am

The row over the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) saw both students’ organisations and teachers’ groups coming out on the streets in North Campus to hold dharnas, protests and demonstrations. But with most protests petering out following the rollback, students visiting Delhi University for admission were in for a surprise.

“I have been coming here for the past two weeks and, for the first time, I haven’t seen people fighting, calling names, organisations taking out morchas, police patrolling or media vans. Seems like a dull day at the university,” a student, seeking admission at Hindu College, said.

Clueless about FYUP

Even as the logjam over the admission process at Delhi University ended this week, many students, who took the entrance for the BMS programme, were “clueless” about the FYUP controversy. A student from DPS said it was only after the media highlighted the issue that he came to know about FYUP.

Another student from Kolkata said, “If you met protesters, seniors used to explain what FYUP meant and its demerits, otherwise I didn’t know why there was so much controversy around it.” “At the Metro station, students from JNU explained to us why it was bad. I don’t understand why they were so bothered about what was happening at another university,” he said.

‘Alert’ for journalists

The Directorate of Information and Publicity under the Delhi government has adopted a new strategy to let journalists know of important press releases. It has started sending ‘alert’ mails beforehand to let journalists know of an important event, whose press releases they can expect later in the day. “This is being done to ensure that journalists have prior knowledge of an important event and keep space for the news,” an official said.

Stopped in its track

The high-speed train from New Delhi to Agra, which was rolled out for trial on Thursday, left many locals commuters angry in Old Faridabad. The Delhi-Palwal passenger train, which was already delayed by 15 minutes, was made to halt at the station for another 45 minutes, leaving officegoers and students fuming. The high-speed train crossed Old Faridabad station at 11.36 am.

To keep the tracks clear, the passenger train, scheduled to leave at 10.35 am, was given clearance at 11.40 am. Many students, who take the train to reach school, returned home, saying it would shut by the time they reach. “The government should do something. These trials cause a lot of inconvenience,” Seema, a regular commuter on the line, said.

Timing issue

As the meeting of the standing committee of the South Municipal Corporation concluded, chairman Satish Upadhyay announced that the next meeting would take place on Thursday instead of Tuesday, when it normally takes place. BJP’s Subhash Arya suggested the time of the meeting be moved to 1 pm from 2 pm.

Before the chairman could say anything, the media section let out a collective “no”. The chairman acknowledged it and told the house that the time of the meeting will remain unchanged as reporting the proceedings was also necessary.

Who’s on WhatsApp

A reporter was busy typing away on his phone while talking to a senior police officer at the police headquarters recently. When the officer asked what was he doing, the journalist said he was replying to messages in a WhatsApp group. The officer smiled and said, “It’s not just you who uses WhatsApp to network. We are all on WhatsApp too.”


A senior forest official posted in Gautam Buddh Nagar is facing a hard time arranging a residential quarter for himself after his original office premises and quarter had to be vacated as they stood in the way of a real estate project. “When the builder realised that my office and quarter were obstructing his project, he pulled a few strings and had the entire office shifted. I have been trying to get a proper residential quarter from the state government since then. Now, I live in a rented flat, but where is the dignity in that?” he said.

Mum’s the word

Harsh Vardhan, the current Delhi BJP chief, made a brief appearance at the Delhi headquarters. While he spoke extensively on his US visit, many were looking forward to an announcement on the new Delhi unit chief. State BJP leaders are worried that a delay in announcement would hurt the party’s prospects in the assembly elections.

More ‘aam’ than AAP

At a recent gathering, when Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu, while travelling in the Airport Express line, urged other ministers to travel by the Delhi Metro and set an example before the public, a commuter was overheard saying, “This is a very sound advice by the minister. Seems the present government wants to become more ‘aam’ than the Aam Aadmi Party. The AAP had said it would not use cars with beacons. But the new ministers might soon be seen taking the same Metro as us!”

Pulled up

A district consumer forum has directed a refrigerator manufacturer to not only extend the warranty of a defective refrigerator after repairs, but also pay the complainant Rs 20,000 for causing mental harassment and agony. The forum observed, “The respondent (refrigerator company) needs to be taught a lesson that when he is not issuing proper bills to the customer, he should not take the customer for a ride by simply stating that the product was not purchased from him. All attempts were made by the respondent even to mislead the forum by flatly refusing the transaction.”

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