Delhi underground

Delhi underground

The Lieutenant Governor’s office does not seem to be aware of the trifurcation of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

One civic agency,not three

The Lieutenant Governor’s office does not seem to be aware of the trifurcation of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Many months after the trifurcation,press releases and statements from the highest office in Delhi Administration still address the civic agency as MCD. It looks like someone in the L-G’s office needs a gentle reminder.

‘Can’t fly away when people are in trouble’

The continuing power shortage in East Delhi has proved to be a dampener for Health Minister Dr A K Walia. In December,Dr Walia and senior Health department staff had planned to attend a week-long United Nations (UN) conference on HIV/AIDS,scheduled to begin on July 20 in the US. But the minister was forced to cancel his plans due to persistent power shortage. “Power is not in jurisdiction,but when people of my area are in so much trouble,it does not feel right to fly away,” a sombre Dr Walia said.

Remembering an old friend

With support dwindling,Team Anna seems desperate for backers. After Baba Ramdev turned up with his supporters at Jantar Mantar,Kiran Bedi tried to draw crowds by mentioning Swami Agnivesh,who is a Team Anna rebel. While addressing the crowd,Bedi said,“When Swami Agnivesh was part of Team Anna,he used to say that fingers can be broken,but not a fist. We all have to get together with that spirit… Jan Lokpal Bill will be passed only if all of you people join this movement and not by fighting small individual battles.”

Who will watch the watchmen?


On Friday night,India Against Corruption (IAC) volunteers part of the security entourage at Jantar Mantar went into a tizzy. The bags of the men,who were assigned to attend to complaints of thefts,were stolen. One of them was heard saying,“How will I stay at Jantar Mantar now? All my clothes are gone.” He got a terse reply,“These are the kinds of things we are protesting against. Fight for the cause.”

For a few days more

The N D Tiwari paternity case went on a little too long,but the Delhi High Court nearly postponed its judgment. When Tiwari’s DNA sample was about to be revealed,the judge wanted to give him a fair representation since none of his counsels were present. She offered to postpone the hearing till Monday. Tiwari’s counsels had disappeared after they had filed another appeal in the morning to keep the test results a secret. By 2.30 pm,when the envelope was to be opened,there was no doubt about the result in anyone’s mind. Yet,it needed the court’s declalration and as the judge considered an adjournment,lawyers and reporters in the packed courtroom crossed their fingers. Stirred into action,Rohit Shekhar’s counsel then pleaded with the judge,arguing that the time for closure was now. When the judge asked what was the difference between having the hearing then or two days later,the lawyer made one last dramatic plea:””This case has been going on for so many years and it has caused untold anxiety to my client. In fact,he suffered a heart attack once because of this. He cannot wait any longer”” The judge seemed a little taken aback but was finally swayed,and allowed the report to be read out.

Lunch is on the house

Several Delhi Police district DCPs are trying to impress their new boss. Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar had asked DCPs and Traffic police to start new welfare programmes. But due to the large number of programmes,cops are finding it tough to get coverage. Fed of up crime reporters not turning up,some officers have also started offering lunch at their events. They call up reporters and say,“Come over,let’s have lunch together. We have ordered from…”

Contact details please

While elections for the Delhi University Students’ Union are a fortnight away,student parties are leaving no stone unturned to attract freshers. Already,huge posters of ABVP and NSUI were seen all around North Campus,welcoming freshers and urging them to join student parties. ABVP also took out rallies to protest against hike in hostel fees in Khalsa College. A first year student at SRCC said,“We have pamphlets and cards by ABVP,asking us to join the party. No contact details have been mentioned. How are we supposed to contact them?”

A timely correction

Delhi Police chief Neeraj Kumar almost got himself into trouble with reporters at a conference by saying,“Contrary to media reports,there were only four murders on that day.” Before anyone could react,he said,“Sorry,I used the wrong word. I cannot say ‘only’ four murders. I meant there were four murders,not nine.”