Delhi underground

Delhi underground

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s chief troubleshooter Ahmed Patel is a disturbed man these days,with inspired news reports appearing that he wants his strapping young son Faisal to fight the forthcoming general elections from Gujarat.

Thanks,but no thanks
Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s chief troubleshooter Ahmed Patel is a disturbed man these days,with inspired news reports appearing that he wants his strapping young son Faisal to fight the forthcoming general elections from Gujarat. Not only has he told his son to keep away from Congress politics till he is around,Patel has also ensured that Faisal,an avid golfer,declines the generous offer from Delhi Golf Club with the help of Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy to become its member. Thanks to a father who wants to maintain minimum radar signature,Faisal shells out Rs 250 bucks for a day at the greens.

Who’s the best?
Keen to bag a BJP ticket from the New Delhi seat,Delhi BJP leader Vijay Goel went around the town with a survey that projected him as the best candidate from the area with Hema Malini,Jagdish Mukhi and Vijay Kumar Malhotra lagging far behind. The party high command nearly took the Delhi survey hook,line and sinker before they noticed that Poornima Sethi,former Kalkaji MLA, had been named the best BJP candidate from Northwest Delhi. Apparently the surveyor had forgotten that Northwest Delhi was a reserved seat. Last heard was that Goel,despite all his kicking and fighting,will get the BJP ticket from Chandni Chowk.

Doctored ‘hate’ campaign
The saga between the so-called ‘Tentwallah’ Sudanshu Mittal and BJP heavyweight Arun Jaitley is far from over. In fact,the other day,a former crony of Pramod Mahajan gave a party in the honour of Mittal for taking on Jaitley by calling him a failed lawyer. But Jaitley is not bothered about Mittal or Mahajan cronies,he is worried about a certain woman gynaecologist who stays not far from Mandi House. This lady, known to Mittal,has managed to get into the good books of one of the senior-most BJP leaders from UP,who has now launched an anti-Jaitley campaign. It is another matter that this leader used to badmouth Rajnath Singh earlier.

It has been well over a month now that the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has written to all political parties requesting inclusion of preservation of heritage in their election manifestos,but the non-profit organisation has received just about two acknowledgements of receipt. While the CPI has agreed to include it,most other parties are yet to acknowledge the request. Struggling to come up with answers for this lack of interest from politicos,heritage conservationists at a recent conference mulled that it was perhaps because heritage preservation is certainly not a crowd-puller as far as the polls go!


Under the carpet
In a survey conducted by NUEPA (National University of Education Planning and Administration) for 2006-07,MCD schools have been rated second only to Kerala’s Municipal schools. The report highlights that the MCD schools have improved in terms of infrastructure and quality of education. The Lieutenant-Governor had written to the Mayor in December last year,congratulating the corporation and had suggested the MCD analyse all the indicators used by the Education Development Index for adopting strategies to attain the highest level of performance in the primary and upper primary schools. But the BJP in the MCD has been keeping quiet on this achievement of MCD schools because the report has been prepared for 2006-07,when the Congress was ruling the MCD,and highlighting the achievement will only give an additional edge to the Congress in the election season.

VIP traffic
Construction of a new traffic ramp for the upcoming domestic terminal,1D,at the Indira Gandhi International Airport has once again led to chaos outside the domestic airport. “Traffic is chaotic due to the temporary maneuvering of traffic on account of the construction of the flyover ramp,” a senior airport official said. The authorities have,however,been able to plan ahead for increased VIP movement. Terminal 1D,due to open next month,will have a dedicated VIP channel,which the airport authorities feel,is likely to keep VIP-related chaos at bay.

Detailed planning
Delhi BJP president Om Prakash Kohli’s meticulous ways are making him a laughing stock in the party. Even before the list of candidates for seven parliamentary seats have been announced,Kohli has already prepared a schedule for the candidates to meet up with party workers in various districts. “Of course,the candidates’ own schedules or priorities or even their names are quite inconsequential,” a senior party leader was heard saying. The BJP was to decide on the Delhi names on Friday,but with Jaitley’s fallout with the party leadership the decision was deferred.

When nature calls
Cops are on the lookout for those relieving themselves on deserted roads and it has nothing to do with a sudden sense of civic duty. The cops have just realised that there has been a rise in the number of incidents where people,when they stop to take a leak,have had their cars stolen off the highways. Most people leave the ignition on while answering the call of nature and auto thieves,always on the lookout for innovative methods,tend to view such cars as sitting ducks. The DND flyover is particularly notorious for this reason,because there is almost always a long queue of cars here as their owners take a leak. The cops have now heightened security around the area.

Cop test mess
After a gap of 22 years,the Delhi Police last week held an examination for the promotion of constables to the post of head constable. The event was a complete disaster. It was held in an empty ground at the Wazirabad Training College. The examinees had to sit on the bare ground with a dusty wind blowing. A huge crowd of over 10,000 constables were handed over the question papers simultaneously,leading to chaos. Many of them got the question papers half-an-hour after the scheduled time. A majority of the constables were barely able to answer all questions. By the end of the examination,several grown men broke down as they saw their last chance of climbing the proverbial hierarchies dissipate.