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The Congress seemed to be fairly de-motivated after polling in Delhi came to an end.

By: Express News Service | Updated: April 21, 2014 3:05:06 am

Strong dose
A middle-aged man driving a Swift fell asleep in his car in the middle of the road, leading to a massive traffic jam. The man, who had stopped at a traffic light in Laxmi Nagar, fell asleep in car while the other cars lined up behind his. People got out of their cars to see why the Swift was not moving. One of the commuters then woke him up. The driver later apologised, claiming that he had taken a sleeping pill before heading home from the night shift. “I did not know that the pill would have such a quick effect. I am very sorry. I am just sleepy,” he was heard telling commuters.

Misled by appearance
This week, a police officer slapped a doctor who was playing cricket near the emergency unit of a government hospital during his free time. The officer mistook the doctor for a miscreant. Even after the doctor produced his identity card, the officer refused to believe he was a doctor because “he was not wearing formal clothes and looked very young”. The next day, with doctors threatening to go on strike over the incident, the medical superintendent of the hospital had to plead with the officer to apologise to the concerned doctor. Members of the police post at the hospital are learnt to have requested hospital authorities to issue directions for a “basic dress code” for doctors, and give them directions for “maintaining decorum” lest the same mistake happens again.

Man on mission
Senior Advocate HS Phoolka, the counsel for the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, is now contesting Lok Sabha elections from Ludhiana on an AAP Ticket. The lawyer specially flew down to the capital to attend a High Court hearing this week, and said he had made the effort to “quash the rumour” that he had withdrawn from the Sikh riots cases. “My mission in life hasn’t changed after entering politics,” the lawyer said.

Joining the herd
Members of the Mahila Congress on Tuesday marched to Subramanian Swamy’s house in South Delhi in protest against his “derogatory” statements regarding Priyanka Gandhi. While the front row of protesters were Congress workers, those at the back were people from neighbouring villages. Asked why they were at the protest, an elderly woman said she was there because she wanted a house. Another lady pointed out that she had not been able to vote in the recently held parliamentary elections and that is why she was protesting. They were also clueless about whose house they were being led to. Nevertheless, the women raised slogans against Swamy holding Congress flags.

Surprise foiled
After receiving complaints that a number of schools in Greater Noida were forcing children to buy stationery and other items from the school at prices far higher than market rates, the Gautam Buddh Nagar administration decided to raid the schools on Friday. However, officials found that the knee-jerk decision was actually a gross miscalculation. The surprise raids had to be abandoned as the administration found schools premises closed for Good Friday. Finally, it was decided that the raids — now no longer a surprise — could only be conducted on Monday

Not fire proof
A fire in Noida’s Sector 18 on Friday left the Gautam Buddh Nagar department red-faced. The department had been observing the National Fire Prevention Week (April 14 to April 20), but Friday’s fire led to scrutiny within the department and a number of areas  in the district were found to be “critically dangerous”. The fire department has now received orders from the top brass in the state to focus on measures to make the city better equipped to deal with such fires.

Time to rest
The Congress seemed to be fairly de-motivated after polling in Delhi came to an end. While party members agreed that a rest was much needed, others felt the time to rest was about to begin. “We don’t think Congress will do well in Delhi. Honestly, we’d be surprised if even one seat goes to the Congress. The time to rest is only beginning and will continue for at least another five years,” a senior leader said.

Resources stretched
So thin have the resources of the Aam Aadmi Party been stretched, that its army of spokespersons in Delhi are nowhere to be seen. Doubling up as “senior party leaders from Delhi” in different parts of the country, where candidates are fighting to make a dent, very few now remain in the capital. Things seem to come to a head this week after several journalists called spokespersons to get the party’s stand on a Supreme Court’s order. The court had observed that there was no legal impediment to the L-G wanting to dissolve the Delhi Assembly. Now, most of the AAP spokespersons were out of Delhi. Finally, the party’s stand on the issue came from party members who were in Varanasi.

Extended holiday
With no government in place, and most of the bureaucrats clueless about their placement after new government in Delhi takes over, many have planned their holidays during this period. Whenever any official is approached for details on the work done by their respective departments, they had the same response — now that the elections are over, they will scrutinise what projects need to be completed. And with last Friday being a public holiday, many have clubbed their offs and taken an extended weekend.

Hiring prank
The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has issued a public notice against fraudulent job offers. According to the notice, some “unscrupulous elements are issuing forged appointment letters for various posts such as those of malis and peons”. “Appropriate measures such as registering of FIRs have already been taken up,” the notice states.

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