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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Delhi underground

The second day of admission at Delhi University saw tempers fly.

Written by Express News Service | Published: July 2, 2012 12:59:45 am

Cut-offs are okay,not glass-barriers

The second day of admission at Delhi University saw tempers fly. Angry at being denied entry into the Dean of Students’ Welfare office during lunch time,a group of parents and students stormed past the locked gate. In the melee,a person crashed into the glass door of the office,shattering it and making the group run helter-skelter. Policemen and guards rushed in to restrain the crowd. Though the entire scene appeared as if a group of violent protesters were on the loose inside the building,a questioning of those involved revealed the incident was more a tragi-comedy rather than a violent outburst,said university officials. “The parents present there told us that it was an accident. A father of one of the aspirants was rushing into the office and in his excitement and urgency,he did not realise that the front portion was glass and he crashed into it. Since it was really an accident,we did not file a police complaint,” said the official.

Traffic police drive irks auto drivers

The autorickshaw unions in the city have threatened to hold a dharna from 12 pm to 3 pm on Monday in protest against the Traffic police’s drive of issuing challans to auto drivers driving without badges. Rajinder Soni from Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh said,“The Traffic police is continuing to issue challans against auto drivers who don’t have a PSV badge even as the government has promised us that they would do away with the badge system. We will go on dharna on Monday and if our demands are still not met,we will go on a strike thereafter.”

No salary,no cellphone recharge

Not being paid salary for nearly three months,one of the Municipal Commissioners is reportedly unable to recharge his cellphone. The commissioner was talking to one of his officials on phone,discussing the status of the ongoing proposals in the corporation,when the call got disconnected in the middle of the conversation. Unable to make the call again,the commissioner had to ask his staff to tell the official to call back. The orderlies were later heard saying,“Sir hasn’t got salary as yet that is why probably he is unable to recharge his prepaid cellphone.”

Streamlining revenue before supply

After a similar attempt in 2009 failed,the Delhi Jal Board is once again reviving hopes of linking it’s revenue collection with those of the already streamlined electricity providers BSES and NDPL. The water utility says the aim is to make the consumption-billing pattern microscopic,on the lines of power discoms — pay more as you consume more. What remains unanswered,however,is the accountability on the part of the Delhi Jal Board,as over 40 per cent of water consumption in the city still remains unmetered and most of the metered connections give wrong readings. The consumers,irrespective of their personal profiles,it seems,would remain the sheep in the whole process,as the DJB is more interested in streamlining collections rather than its supply.

Punishment put him in a tight spot

A person involved in a crime must be punished. While law enforcing personnel are very much aware of this adage and consider it a routine part of their profession,one particular case provided some mirth to the personnel present at a police station. Arrested for his involvement in an attempt-to-rape case,a youth was brought to the police station along with his accomplices. There,he was asked to sit on his knees while holding his ears and apologise for the act. However,while his accomplices immediately complied,he was unable to do so. The personnel were taken aback to see the youth ignoring their orders,till one of the officers noticed the reason for the “disobedience”. The youth’s trousers were so tight that he was barely able to bend his knees.

Civic representatives await perks

Several weeks have now passed since the constitution of three new municipal corporations from the unified MCD. However,it seems that several elected representatives,especially the chiefs of several committees of these three new civic bodies,are finding it difficult to get the perks due to them. Several of these politicians have been unable to secure the services of peons,office staff and,more importantly,official vehicles ever since these three new agencies were constituted. Most of these elected representatives have alleged that there is a conspiracy behind non-allocation of cars to them. “If we are allocated official vehicles we will be able to travel and inspect the work of officials,which they seemingly don’t want us to do,” said a chairperson of a municipal committee.

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